Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time For The Strait Steel Christmas Party!

In all the years Andy and I have been together his company has never had a Christmas party.  He has often talked about how they used to do this many years ago, but there hadn't been one since we've been together.  This year they had a lovely dinner for the employees and their families at the Chambersburg Country Club.

The tables were beautiful and they each had silver, red and green centerpieces that were made by several of the employees.  Everyone had a gift of a candied apple as part of their place setting.  As they entered each of the workers was given a Christmas card by the shop manager which they were later told had a special Christmas bonus for all their hard work.  There were tables of appetizers and cheese trays to snack on and everything was decorated with candles and pine.  All of the employees were wearing pink breast Cancer awareness ribbons in support of Mary Lou, who works in the company's office.  She was very touched by their show of support and gave an incredibly moving speech begging the ladies to have yearly mammograms since the early detection of her Cancer was due to her mammogram at her yearly exam.  She is such a strong woman, and when she said that she was a fighter, you knew she was telling the truth.  She's going to kick Cancer's ass when she goes for her masectomy this winter.

A local pastor said a blessing and then there were salads, dinner rolls and a dinner plate with a portion of steak, fresh vegetables, au gratin potatoes and a crab cake.  The crab cake was actually really delcious although I must admit I had never tried one before because I figured I wouldn't like it.  To no one's surprise Andy ate my steak.  It was covered with a cheese and garlic sauce that was tasty, but it was rare and it wasn't my favorite.  I should've made him give me his potatoes!

After dinner the pastor read the Christmas story from the bible although I'm not sure what version he used because I have never heard Joseph refer to Mary as his fiancee when they were looking for a room at the inn.  He gave a nice speech about faith and also talked about how Santa was always left a glass bottle of Coke rather than milk on Christmas eve since he gets tried of milk by the end of the evening.  I think this is a swell idea.  At my house we always left something for the reindeer because they get left out.  Being a reindeer is a thankless job.

Then Santa arrived!  He had a special gift for each child in attendance and they all had a turn going up and getting their special present.  The little girl in the picture above got an Elsa doll with a light up dress.  I was jealous.  I'm not even kidding.  If anyone wants to buy me a light up Elsa she will go on my Christmas tree.  She's the right color for my theme this year and she LIGHTS UP.  I probably ought to have told Santa, but as you know if you've read my blog, I get tongue tied around celebrities.

Mrs. Claus looked awesome and adorable.  I loved her apron.  It had gingerbread men on it.  I would've asked her where she got it, but again these folks have a holiday to run and cocoa to drink.  They're too important for dumb questions from a Christmas fangirl.

This Christmas party was really lovely.  I was happy to put some faces to names I've heard over and over again.  For the next ten years Andy will say "Sheldon.  You know Sheldon.  He was at the company Christmas party...." and I will roll my eyes at him because I met more than a dozen people that he thinks I know because I nodded at them at a fish rodeo that was seven years ago before we were even married.  He thinks this even though there are people I worked with for years at Target who I couldn't tell you their name if you were holding my chihuahua at gunpoint.

I wish we would have remembered to take a picture in our nice clothes, but we're old and forgetful, so you'll have to settle for this car selfie.  See Andy's fashionable seat belt and my glowing halo?  We're pretty cute.  You can't deny it.

Tomorrow there will be karaoke with friends and then I will pass out from sheer exhaustion.  Hope you all had a lovely day!

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