Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Decorating Mishap

So I had the wonderful idea of putting my Christmas village in the display cases we have downstairs.  I got my first (and favorite) house out and plugged it in and set it on the glass shelf, and this happened...

Thankfully the tree was already decorated or I would've said screw it and quit everything.  Even though the house was okay, and it was just the glass shelves which are the most replaceable bit, I cried.  I was sure Andy was going to be irritated that he wasted his time painting the wall for me to do nothing with it, even though he told me to just slide the door shut and relax and not worry about it.  Eventually it looked like this...

but that was after a very tearful hour of irritation that absolutely nothing about decorating has gone well this year.  I've officially given up.  There will be no second tree and if it isn't out of a box and sitting out somewhere it ain't happening.

I did manage to get the tree done but it doesn't have any of the silver or crystal ornaments on it this year because I just wasn't feeling it.  It makes me sad when I don't care about decorating which is my favorite part of Christmas.

Here's the tree with about a third of the ornaments I usually put on it...

It is an all new color theme this year, but I honestly couldn't figure out how I got the star to stay on the top and so I gave up on that too.  It just wasn't my day.

To complete my "I give up" day I spent it in the pajama pants Andy got me.  They are really ill fitting and kept sliding down off my butt all day, so if you would've been at my house you would've been treated to a crying girl who was half mooning you because she was too lazy to take off the cat's pajamas.

Poor Andy.  I'm sure on days like these he wishes he would've married someone normal.  I hope your weekend is going better than mine!

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