Monday, December 1, 2014

Tears, Shock and The Walking Dead

In all honesty I'm a little too broken up about the events of The Walking Dead's mid-season finale to want to write much of anything.

Although I didn't see the last few minutes of the show coming, and I was terribly moved by the emotional reactions of the other characters, what was so much more moving was seeing the actor break down live on the Talking Dead after show.  I realize some of you may not have seen the episode just yet, and so I won't expound upon it, but knowing the lifelong friendships I formed while working at Unto These Hills, I feel for this actor.

It must've been tremendously difficult to learn your role in the show was changing, and even harder to shoot these scenes with people who had become your family.  I know it's "just a television show", but all the actors on it are deftly skilled at taking the scripts the writers and show runners provide them and adding the emotional depth and nuance necessary to make these characters live on the screen.   Even with the outpouring of love and support the fans of the show will certainly be showing the actor I find myself concerned and curious as to what the future will hold for them.  I am sure loads of offers for work will roll in since they are incredibly talented and that there will be a never ending demand for them on the Comic-Con circuit, but I hope that this week isn't too hard.  To have this kind of change thrust upon you so suddenly, then to keep the events a secret because of contractual obligations must have been very difficult, but to relive it all again weeks later and breaking down on live television would be agony.  I hope the actor is able to find another opportunity to be a part of a community of actors who are equally supportive and familial in the future, and they appreciate the fantastic lightning strike that this role was in their life.  A unique and rare event that will likely never see an equal.

To all of you who watch the show I imagine the same shock that I felt was something you felt too.  I find it wonderful that this program is able to touch so many people and explore these emotional moments while never losing its bad-assery.  I feel lucky that there are shows on television that I can become so emotionally invested in.  They are an amazing escape from the stresses and pressures of our daily life, and yet they move us to feel shock, anger, grief and elation.  I truly feel The Walking Dead cast and crew are something to be thankful for.

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  1. Thought for sure it would be Carol....the actor is touring with their band! And Kirkman DID say they would find a way back somehow. Bet he feels like a heel after last night!