Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mean People Suck

I am overwhelmed by the amount of drama the YouTube beauty community can stir up.
Call me naive (and most anyone who really  knows me would probably call me just that) but I can't fathom the point of all the negativity.  Silly me, I think you would want to support people who share your passion.  I understand a bit of competition, and the desire that people have to be credited for their work but I can't even believe the amount of trash talking, bitching, and mean spirited b.s. that goes on on some of these beauty channels.  It's crazy!

There seems to be a war going on between many of the so called "beauty gurus" right now.  I have watched at least three videos today that started out as normal posts or tutorials that quickly devolved into "so and so is a bitch!  Unsubscribe to her and flood her wall with posts telling her how much you hate her and that her presence on this earth is a plague to humanity!". I'm paraphrasing but geez people!

There was one Twitter account holder today  who flat out told a YouTuber she should kill herself.  Really?  What in the name of all that is good and holy is okay about that?  Her entire Twitter feed is basically one hate filled comment after another directed at members of the beauty community and she has tens of thousands of followers.  That slays me!

I am lucky if 15 people read my daily blog posts, and I post about all kinds of things, but mostly things that I love and things that make me happy.  Yet a person who makes statements like "slit your wrists you fat ugly whore" is probably seen that many times a minute.  It is sad.  Very sad.

I used to make YouTube videos when I would unbox and reveal the contents of subscription boxes I received.  I always liked those kind of videos and found them helpful in deciding if the content of a particular subscription was something I would enjoy.

  Once I received a box that had a couple of products that came broken, and a nail polish that had to be cured with a UV light.  It was during a month where the box proceeds were partially donated to charity.  In my video I read a small portion of a flyer detailing the charity and saying how I thought it was great that the box supported a cause.  I also stated honestly, that except for the donation  I felt the box was a waste of my money because I had received damaged and unusable products.  I had  paid quite a bit for the subscription and I was disappointed, but glad half of the proceeds went to an awesome cause.

After seeing the video the company contacted me and sent me replacements for the damaged items and also explained that the polish could be used without a uv lamp although it didn't state that on the package.  They were really kind and I updated the comments saying they'd reached out and fixed the problem.  Within a day after posting the update I had over 40 dislikes on my video and dozens of messages from people who took offense to the video and to my opinions.  One person (who happened to work for the subscription service although I was unaware of that at the time) thought I was dissing the charity directly (although they obviously hadn't watched the whole video) and sent hundreds of people to trash talk me.

 Never mind that nothing she stated about me was true, her followers commented that I was "ungrateful", "dishonest", "trying to work the system to get free stuff", "disgusting","too fat and ugly to show my face" and "one of the worst human beings ever".

This was incredibly depressing to me and I pulled the video from YouTube and quit going to my page because even videos of my family started having dislikes.  I made those videos private, but that one person affected me so much that I quit doing something I thought was helpful and fun because they used it as an opportunity to be mean.  I feel for all of the people that are targeted by these hateful words and also by people that think their popularity and YouTube "celebrity" status give them license to treat people like also-rans and to be nasty.

If one person can disagree with me and then cause me so much distress, I can't imagine being one of the "cool kids" would be very fun.  I am content to be uncool and kind and not send mean spirited vibes out to the world.  I know that there are tons of people in the beauty community who are not a part of the drama and who are sweet and supportive of others.  I just wish that I saw more of them with massive followings and less of the girls that exist only to hate on others.

It isn't pretty!

I am hoping that in the new year I'll have the confidence to make some videos again.  I also hope that I can convince myself that I am able to appear on camera and that it won't lead to criticism and cruelty.  Here's hoping, but I'm not holding my breath!

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