Monday, December 15, 2014

For The Sake Of Clarity - I Wish You Joy

If you wish me a merry Christmas, I will say thank you and wish you the same.

If you tell me you hope I have a happy holiday, I will give you my thanks and tell you that I hope you have one too.

If you wave and smile and shout "season's greetings!" at me from across a crowded shopping mall I will yell "Thanks!  Right back at you!"

If you offer me a shalom or express your desire that I have a beautiful Hanukkah, I will wish that peace and beauty be with you as well and thank you for the sentiment (although if you write it down I will be concerned that I spelled it wrong because the sometimes with a C and sometimes with an H thing throws me a bit).

If you're a Seinfeld fan and you want me to have an awesome Festivus, I will tell you of my gratitude and smile while telling you that you ought to have an awesome one too.

If you wish me a blessed Kwanzaa I will happily let you know the wish is returned and that I am thankful for it.

If you want me to have a Yule that's cool, I will gratefully accept your well wishes and hope yours is super cool also.

If you say Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Frolhe Weihnachten, or speak to me in a language that is not my own and wish me happiness, I will do my level best to send you the appropriate gratzi, gracias, merci, or danke, and tell you in my native English tongue that I wish you the very same.

If you hope Santa is good to me this year, I will thank you and tell you I really hope your name is right next to mine on the nice list.

If you skip right ahead to next year and wish me a happy and healthy 2015, I will give you an early wish for your prosperity in the coming year and thank you for your kindness.

Have blessings for me this winter?  Awesome.  Thank you.  May you be blessed in return.

Want to send me some holiday cheer or general good vibes?  I like those too.  I'm grateful for your thoughts and hope we can bask in their glow together.

Any wishes of love and joy that you could possibly send my way are things I am grateful for.  I truly, from the bottom of my heart wish that everyone I know (and everyone I don't know for that matter) experiences joy every day.  Not just in these few weeks, but all the time.

Want me to fuck right off?  Forgive me for not returning that particular sentiment.  I won't thank you for it either, but I will still wish you well.

I send all of you my love and hope that whatever you believe, and however you choose to express yourself and your heart, you know that I am here thinking of you.  I am grateful our lives have touched in some small way and wish you all the magic and goodness that these days hold.  I wish you joy my friends.  All the joy.


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  1. You forgot to add...from the woman who has Joy with her always.....M Joy Reynolds