Sunday, September 15, 2013

I must update my blog, I must update my blog...

Holy moley.

I am crap at keeping up with my blog.

I don't even know why - I LOVE talking to people and posting pictures on Instagram, and my new phone makes it super easy to post pictures and videos, so why am I not on here more?

Probably because I am obsessed that I'm going to mess up somehow, or that people won't like what I have to say.

It's silly.

I am going to do what I love and swatch my makeup collection and post about all of the awesome things I find.  I know I am interested in it so there has to be at least one other person out there who shares my obsession right?

Yep!  I'm right.  You don't even have to tell me.

Here is a couple of quick pics so I can get started posting and talking about things I love...

Like makeup..

And subscription boxes...

And my super cute dogs...

And flowers and beautiful things that I am instantly taken with...

And most of all funny things that seem to happen to me all the time..

I'll be back soon with some reviews and chit chat.  You won't have to wait forever this time, because I have a lot to say about.... everything!

Much love to you all.