Thursday, December 11, 2014

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Mystery Box December 2014 Reveal!

The mailman hates me because I get all the cool stuff.  The UPS guy hates me too, but hey, they won't be out of work if they have to deliver all my free books and super awesome beauty buys!  I am pretty certain I saw a snarky gleam in the mail delivery guy's eye as he pulled away after dropping off a package he forgot at the end of his route, but that one was my husband's fault.  He bought me a book!  If you have ever heard him complain about how he got me a Kindle so I wouldn't have 1000 books laying around for him to trip over you would've had a heart attack like I did.  It looks amazing and it will get its own post soon.

On to what you're here for!

The contents of the BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box!  I have been trying to nab one of these mystery boxes from BareMinerals for ages.  They make the only foundation I use and they also have great products all around.  I love the "Crystallized" set I bought myself for Christmas last year that had the Hypnotist lip gloss in it, and I'm thrilled that this year's gift I gave to me was one of the coveted mystery boxes!

Here's a look at the contents

The box cost $45 and had a promised value of  $187.  I was able to snag one thanks to Liz's post at the My Subscription Addiction website and fast fingers while I was on a break last week!  These are sold out now, but there will likely be another in the spring, so be on the lookout.

The breakdown they emailed me a few days ago spoiled the surprises a bit but I was pleased to see that so many of the products were eye shadows.  I was particularly happy to see the 5in1 cream eye shadows in the box because I really wanted some after I received a sample sized one in an Ipsy bag a few months back.  I kept putting it off because they are pricey at $18 a pop.  The way I see it if I would've broken down and purchased two for myself at Ulta I would've spent $36 anyhow, so the rest of the box's items were less than $1 each!  (Haha - I love the way I justify beauty steals, don't you?) 

Here is the product list from the email

1 67871 5in1 Cream E/S Duo Chamomile/Ginger(O1)
1 70049 SoftSweepCheekBrush(G3)w/rosegold handle
1 51715 BM FDVolumizingMascara-Black(no box)(G1)
1 48664 Chocolate Big&Bright Eyeliner w/Box-O1
1 48875 S Mineral Veil PF .75g (G1)
1 45439 4oz Brush Conditioning Shampoo (Tube)
1 53000 2pc HighShine Duo Q-Goldmedal&Meteor (O1
1 58957 4PM RTC WP Eyeliner(G1)-no box USA
1 70258 READY E/S 2.0 Top Shelf (G1) v2-NOBOX P
1 70045 SoftFocusFaceBrushw/MatteBlackHandle(G3)

The brush shampoo was much larger than I expected.  It will last me forever!  

The brushes are incredibly teddy bear-like in their softness.  The black handled brush had a crease in the center of the bristles from the way it was smooshed in the box, but I'm sure it will relax as I use it.

The Ginger color of the 5in1 shadows is in the lower left and the Chamomile above it. I like both of these nude shades and will use them daily.  I think they must've been packaged for QVC or something because the bubble mailer they were in had the BareMinerals logo on it and I don't see these colors online.

The 4PM Round the Clock waterproof eyeliner is pointing to the bottom left and is a purple shade.  The other eyeliner was a brightening liner  in chocolate brown.

The duo in the compact is a lovely peach shade and a bronzey taupe.  I love the pigmentation of the ready shadows.

I was almost out if mineral veil so I was glad to see a small sized one included.

I could take or leave the mascara.  I already have one of these and it isn't my favorite simply because the brush is huge and I get more on my cheek than I do on my lower lashes.  It's user error though.

The high shine eye duo was two sparkling cream shadow shades that had enclosed applicators.  The meteorite shade is a gorgeous rosy color that I can't wait to wear tomorrow.  

I will likely gift the mascara, but everything else was a huge win for me and well worth the $45.  I will use the eye products daily and I am thrilled to have some nice new brushes too.  

I hope the next time they run one of these I see it in time to pick up another.  The last time they did a surprise box was back in April and it had tons of lip products in it and a few highlighters as well.  I'm glad I got this one and I hope you were able to snag one on the second when they went live!

Hope you all are having a lovely week.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday (although technically I have to work on Saturday too - meh).  Between this, my Blush box and the Target Beauty Box I am going to be set!  

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