Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Most Delicious Dessert Disaster

I finally found the tipping point where the rum ball mix becomes impossible to form into rum balls.

I didn't think it was possible to add too much rum.  It seems counterintuitive that adding more of what makes something delicious could be bad.  Am I right, or possibly just a tad irresponsible in my treatment of alcohol as the perfect ingredient in a sugary treat?

Apparently when you add 5 Tablespoons of rum to a milk chocolate base, you get an incredibly satiny, smooth mixture that even after 2 hours of chilling wants to be anything other than a ball.  I could freeze it and try to wake up at 3AM so I could form it into balls that were mainly coaxed together with granulated sugar, that must be eaten the second they left the fridge so they wouldn't become puddles of rum.  It's been done before, but it isn't fun.  It often results in a sugary high that ends in a wicked crash which I'm not really into, beings that I tend to sample them a little more often to make sure the consistency is right.

I could also have left them in the pan and just given out spoons.  I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be too many complaints.  Once at Target I just took in a box of vanilla wafers and told them it was cookie dip.   That idea came up too.

But then, my super smart husband said "why don't you make cupcakes and frost them with it"?  He should've known my reaction would be telling him I was far too lazy for that nonsense, but he did give me a good idea.

I found a foil pan and grabbed family size brownie mix I just bought last week.

Then I melted the unballable rum balls on the top to form a perfectly fudgey, rummy, yummy in the tummy layer of goodness on top.

Now all I need is a name.

And the willpower to not eat them before I get to work tomorrow.

By the way, don't ever start watching Ancient Aliens on The History Channel while you are waiting for brownies to bake.  It will blow your mind and make you worry you're being watched by the green men.  It's freaky-deaky and it's not the run talking!

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