Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Who Is That?

I caught my reflection today and damn if it wasn't my mother looking back at me.

It happens all the time.

I see my mom smiling in pictures of me.  Sometimes I see my sister Marcia hidden in my reflection too.  I can't put on lipstick without considering how my features resemble hers.

Marilyn comes out in the phrasing of words my patterns of speech.  I occasionally say things and immediately follow it with "that was my sister talking."

Monica's eyes have rolled along with mine on many an occasion and I'm almost positive when my hands are crafting they're following her lead.

My dad and brother are around too.

Whenever I say "I just saw this greatest flick" or talk to my dog in a certain voice Mikey is all I can hear.  Obi is more familiar with my brother's voice than he is with mine because some days it is all he hears.

Every dumb joke or expression of wonder over an everyday occurrence is properly attributed to my Daddy.  Every time I chat up a stranger I hear him asking questions I would've never spoken in my own voice.

It's like I'm a treasury of the people I love.

What a nice thing to be.

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