Monday, February 16, 2015

Close Call

I fell asleep on the couch tonight sometime around 7pm and Andy must've known how much I needed to rest.  I just woke up a few minutes ago (it is now 2am) but thankfully the date doesn't change on the blog until 3am so I didn't miss posting today.  I've gone 209 days with a post every day so I'm happy I didn't miss it.

I was hoping to reveal a new fragrance I received from Influenster, talk about the newest scent that arrived from Scentbird and tell you about the new pizza I tried from Little Caesar's tonight, but the following things thwarted me:

#1 - I have no sense of smell right now!  I ha e been sick for seemingly months, but the latest advances on the sicko front have wiped out my smeller.  So much for describing fragrances!

#2 - Scentbird didn't arrive because we had no mail due to president's day.   It is also throwing a wrench in getting my next book to review for Blogging for Books to me.  I've never waited so long for a title to show up from them.  Between the snow, Valentine's day and the holiday today I think the post office must be swamped.

#3 - No sense of smell means no sense of taste.  Although the new pizza I tried (with a bacon wrapped crust) was wonderfully hot and crispy I couldn't even smell the bacon and according to the girl in the store I made everyone hungry because that was all you could smell in their kitchen.  Even Andy commented on it the second I climbed in the car and I hadn't even heard of the new flavor, but tried it on a whim.  I wish I could tell you it was wonderful, but in all honesty I couldn't taste it which is sad because I probably shouldn't have eaten it anyway since I'm trying to eat better.  Oh well, two slices of pizza won't kill me.  In the past I would've killed four and not thought twice about it, so I should be happy I've at least embraced moderation.  

I'm off to sleep for a couple of hours more.  Hope you all had a lovely Monday and that you're staying warm and out of the path of the snow and freezing weather.

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