Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sports Movies

Andy does not enjoy the Oscars.

I find this questionable, but I watch the following day commercial free and make him watch the good parts (last year he saw part of Ellen's monologue, Scarlett Johansen's dress and John Travolta butchering Idina Menzel's name).  It works out to a win/win especially since we chose to watch a sports movie while waiting for The Walking Dead to start.

We just watched Draft Day with Kevin Costner.  It was a great movie - I really enjoyed the pairing of Jennifer Garner and Costner.  I thought it was much more believable than some couples casting choices, and I love that Patricia Arquette played his ex wife.  There are a TON of famous faces in this movie.  I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it in the theatres.

Last week we watched a baseball movie with Jon Hamm that was pretty amazing too.  It was called Million Dollar Arm and was based on a true story of a man who traveled to India in search of cricket players who he could develop into major league pitchers.  Plus - Jon Hamm.  I would watch him in anything.  His portrayal of Don Draper on Mad Men is everything.

I know there have been some fantastic sports movies out in the last few years.  Moneyball comes to mind.  So does 42 and stretching back a little further, I adored Matthew Maconnahey in We Are Marshall - I think that was actually the start of the Maconnaisance.  People overlook that movie, but it was the first time I really loved him in a dramatic role.  Then there was True Detective which I watched for Woody Harrelson and fell in love with MM unexpectedly.

Can you name any wonderful sports movies out in the last few years that I ought to see?  I love boxing, football, baseball, hockey, basketball - any sports movies really.  Baseball and Football movies are probably my favorite but boxing movies always get me.  I have watched Real Steel about 15 times even though some might classify that as a robot flick.  It's a boxing movie.  With a kid.  That's the best kind.

So, what sports movies am I missing out on? Are there any tv sports shows on Netflix I'm missing?  Do I need to watch The League?  I really like the actor who was in the movie The One I Love and who is on the new HBO show that comes on after Girls but I have no idea what his name is.  Tell me what to watch in the wide world of sports for the big and small screens!

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