Monday, February 23, 2015

Elf Cosmetics Mystery Deal

I can't say no to a mystery box!  I have purchased items from EyesLipsFace (elf) cosmetics twice now when they have had their special mystery deals and I have never been disappointed.  Well. actually once I was a little disappointed because the mystery portion of my purchase didn't arrive at first but it was just a mix up and when I contacted them they sent it out right away and added a free blush brush which quickly became one of my favorite brushes because of its tulip shape.

The free mystery gifts are usually available for one day only and I have received at least two products in each bag that I probably wouldn't have purchased but turned out to be really wonderful finds.  The elf lip stain markers are only $2 and make a wonderful base layer to extend your lip color.  In my first mystery box it was my favorite find.  I also loved the blush and bronzer duo in St. Lucia I received.  It had a nice color, wasn't too sparkly and the bronze shade was a great eye shadow color for me.

In my second mystery box I discovered the studio series lip stains are creamy and wonderful and come with a gloss that makes them moisturizing and helps them wear for several hours.  I also received a package of lotion wipes in a vanilla scent which were the perfect thing to take along on vacation this summer.  I also got hooked on coral lip color after receiving a mineral lipstick in a color I would've never chosen for myself but loved wearing.  Cool coral was a delightful find and I ended up getting a lip pencil in the color flame that matched it perfectly although it has been discontinued.

They seem to send a good representation of products from their line including brushes, tools and palettes in these mystery boxes and they always seem to have at least a $21 value (both times I received them they added up to a little more - $23 and $24).  Today they have a chance to score a mystery gift ($21 value) with any purchase over $25.  I was very excited because they finally restocked their mineral pearl powders which I hear are similar to the meteorites powders from Guerlain.  I don't have $54 to drop on one shade of the meteorites, but at $8 for the elf version I ordered both shades (natural and skin correcting) and I can't wait to try them.  Since I'm getting a big bag of surprise products which I've been head over heels for in the past it makes it an excellent deal.  I also picked up a few brushes, lip balms, a new matte blush/bronzer duo and a brow pencil.  I can't wait for it to arrive!

If you want to get in on the Mystery deal there are still a few hours left.  Use code MYSTERY at before midnight PST!

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