Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thanks Honey

Thank you for putting dinner away.

Thanks for washing all the bed linens and comforters today.

Thank you for buying me vitamins and constantly reminding me to take them even if reminding me means rattling the bottles really loudly every morning when I'm not quite awake.

Thanks for trying to get me to open my eyes each day.

Thank you for the cup of coffee you make and doctor up each morning and bring me to lift the fog.

Thanks for feeding the dogs and loving them even when Obi pisses on things and loses his "living room privileges" and Cinna eats things that aren't food at all like our walls.

Thank you for patching the walls and mopping the floor and for doing so much to make our house a home.

Thanks for your patience with me when I'm not very good at being domestic, when I don't cook very well and when you realize that although me driving would make both of our lives easier it isn't very likely to be something I'm ever able to do.

I'm sorry I'm not better at everything, and that I'm sick seemingly all the time and that I fall asleep in the middle of a movie I've been dying to watch or I stay up for hours each night and then can't function like a human being.

One thing is certain.

You make me better.

When I'm down you pick me up.

Thank you for that most, and thanks for making me feel like I'm deserving of your love and support.

Thanks honey.


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