Thursday, February 26, 2015

So Much Makeup I Need Another Face

I went a little crazy ordering makeup.  I've been working a ton of overtime and I've been sick for weeks, so I went a little overboard and ordered a bunch of things I'd been wanting for ages.  I plan on reviewing them and swatching them later this week.

First up - my City Color Cosmetics order.  I fell in love with City Color when they featured their Be Matte blush in an Ipsy glam bag last year.  Since then I've been lucky to receive a white gold cream shadow (similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoo line) and a creamy lip stain from the company.  Their products are affordable, beautiful and worth the splurge, especially when Ipsy offered a 20% discount.

Although the items were wrapped in bubble wrap and securely packaged, the bubble mailer wasn't enough to protect the two face palettes which were on the outside.  They arrived crumbled in their pans but the folks at City Color Cosmetics reached out to me on Instagram post almost immediately after I posted an image and they left an e-mail address for me to send them photos of the items.  They said they were really sorry they arrived in a less than perfect condition and that they'll work with me to replace them.  What stellar customer service!  It made me very happy to know they were on top of things.

My EyesLipsFace Cosmetics package also arrived.  It shipped crazy fast.  There was a mystery gift promotion on Monday (spend $25 receive free $21 gift of mystery products).  I can never pass up this promotion.  All of my favorite elf products were discovered in mystery bags over the last two years.  This is my third one and it doesn't have as many products as usual but it has some really nice things I know I'll use and like.

This is my actual purchase:

The mineral pearls (top right) are supposed to be a dupe for the Guerlain meteorites powder.  One Guerlain powder would cost me more than either of my two purchases.  The special edition one with the fancy pants packaging is actually $87 at Norstrom which is more than everything I bought in today's post.  That is the main reason why unless I hit the lottery I'll never be fooling with high end makeup brands.   If a lipstick from elf gets lost or dropped or a lipstain dries out I can grab a new one.  If I dropped an $87 powder I would cry.  

This was all the items in the mystery gift.  I have been dying to try the hd cream blush and this is the color I would've selected for myself.  I'm not a big fan of brush applicator lip gloss, but I will use everything else here.  The mineral mist looks interesting.  At $6 it was the most expensive mystery item.  

I'm looking forward to playing with all my new makeup this weekend.  This will keep me entertained for weeks!

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