Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lipstick League's February Photo-A-Day Challenge

I decided to participate in this fun photo-a-day challenge on Instagram from the ladies of the Lipstick League.  A few friends are doing it with me and I've already found some awesome accounts to follow and have entered a fab contest from the My Beauty Bunny blog and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab which you can enter too.

 Day one: My most recent purchase was the rest of the Wet n' Wild lipsticks in the new collection as well as a pretty blush.
Day two: I couldn't actually rock this Smashbox Nylon Nude lipstick because I have strep throat so I decided to approach it with humor.
For today's post I chose boscia's luminizing black mask as my favorite facial treatment.  I love all peel off face masks, and have since I was a kid and my sister Marilyn let me use a peel off egg white mask she had from Avon.  I'll buy pretty much any peel off mask, but this one is the best I've come across although it is a bit expensive.  I always wait until they offer a bundle of free items with your purchase so I can try something new and make my favorite products more budget friendly.

Day four's goal is to feature a product from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  Before I started this challenge I hadn't heard of them but I loved checking out all the many fragrances they offer.  I want to get a few of the Yule scents before they disappear.  If you want to learn more about their unique fragrance oils (with names like "embalming fluid" "eat me" and "wolf's heart"!) check them out by entering the contest sponsored by the My Beauty Bunny blog for a set of 12 Lipstick League member favorites by clicking this special link:

BPAL Fragrance Oil Giveaway

You'll also help me earn a few extra entries this way, so thank you in advance!

I'm having fun with this challenge and I feel like it is pretty stress free since I'm not obligated to post a ton of selfies.  I always feel too intimidated when I'm with  a bunch of twenty year olds with their perfect skin, hair and eyebrows.  There is no faster way to feel bad about yourself than comparing your photos with ones of a girl who could be your daughter.

I slept most of today and had planned to review a cookbook for blogging for books tonight but after sleeping most of the day and being worn down by medicine and feeling under the weather, I decided to gold off.  Thankfully Andy always takes care of me and tonight he made a wonderful dinner of pork loin, southwestern corn, and smashed potatoes.  It was wonderful.  Thanks babe.

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