Saturday, February 7, 2015

Movie Night

Andy and I went to see Jupiter Ascending today.  It was corny, had a kind of dumb storyline, and was completely unbelievable from the first moment, but was also incredibly beautiful and had tremendous visual effects.  It was the kind of movie that I will own on bluray just so I can pause it and look at the construction of the dresses.  I sincerely spent at least half the movie staring at Mila Kunis and trying to figure out how she had such gorgeous and ever changing eyeshadow looks in space.   Is it the best movie I've seen this year?  Hardly.  But it was the one with the best clothes and most stunning action and visual effects.  It will probably win an Oscar for one of those next year.

We also watched Gone Girl.  Now I finally see what everyone has been talking about.  It was twisty and wonderful and I still want to read the book, which is an extra good sign.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone yet to read/watch it, but wow!

Now we're watching The Interview on Netflix.  Actually Andy is watching because I can't stand James Franco.  He and Renee Zelweiger went to the school of "squinting as acting" and I can't watch him for longer than a few minutes without wanting to punch him in the face.  Andy is helpfully pointing out things he know I'd like.  He has said "Eminem" and "Joseph Gordon Levitt in a sea of puppies" which was enough for me to ignore the squinting.

  With the exception of the squinting, it has been an awesome movie night!

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