Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Food Discovery (Courtesy Of My Darling Husband)

Andy surprised me tonight be making a stupid delicious dinner.

It involved tuna fish.

If you would've asked me yesterday if I liked tuna I would've said "no way!" but then my husband made a meal with it that was so awesome I ignored my diet (which has been going really well!) and asked for seconds.  It probably helped that he said "keep an open mind" when he gave it to me and that I didn't even know it was tuna, but if this is what tuna fish is all about I have seriously been missing out.

My yummy dinner involved crispy pan fried tuna patties with the fish, mashed potatoes, onions, spices, an egg and breadcrumbs.  It was phenomenal.  He made mine as a sandwich on toasted potato bread.  It tasted kind of like a Filet O'Fish but better. (Aaahhhhh!)

I bet you wish you had a husband who made you amazing food and insisted you try new things even when you're sure you won't dig them.  In the last few years I've discovered that I actually like a ton of things I thought I hated.  I guess my tastes are changing as I get older, but here are a few of the things Andy has convinced me to try that I wound up enjoying after insisting I wouldn't:

Steak cooked to medium
Sauteed mushrooms
Cooked carrots
Pulled pork and pork tenderloin
Tartar sauce
Slow cooker pot roast
Celery and apples with "peanut" butter
Lima beans
Hog maw

And now tuna fish!  Yes, it's a vegetable heavy list, but I suddenly find the prospect of eating more vegetarian dishes pretty exciting.  Now that I have lentils and I'm not afraid of dried beans and grains there will be lots of vegexperiments on the horizon.

This weekend I'm going to give barley a shot.  It will be new for both of us.

Thank you Andy for making such a delicious dinner and for constantly encouraging me to try new things.  I may kick my "we'll have pasta because that's all I know how to cook" pattern yet!  I love you Bubba!