Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Theme Me Up Scotty!

Tonight is a night of planning and preparation.

I am thinking about theming each day of the week to help me come up with more focused and entertaining blog posts.  There will definitely be at least day dedicated to book reviews and bookish topics (probably two), one to subscription box and beauty product reviews, one to recipes and delicious treats that I'm trying out, one to memories of family and general nostalgia and one to pop culture.  Gratitude will still play a part in all of my posts here too, they'll just be themed.

Can you help me structure my daily posts?  Have a great idea for a weekday topic?  I'm all ears!

Here are a few of the topics and weekday themes I'm thinking about.

Monday - Face the Week (beauty post)
Tuesday - Turning Pages (book review)
Wednesday - Wow of the week (what I'm excited about)
Thursday - Throwback Thursday ("Remember when..." reminiscing)
Friday - Freestyle? (still thinking about what my Friday post might involve)
Saturday - Storytelling (possibly fiction possibly true stories - I'll never tell!)
Sunday - Something's Cookin' (recipes and dinner ideas)

I really need help for Friday's theme and all around suggestions about what you'd like to hear more of.  Please let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or right here in the comments!  Thanks for your help, your support, your brainy ideas and your eyeballs reading this!  Much love folks!

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