Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag

My Ipsy January Glam Bag is about as good as I could've hoped for!  In case you didn't know how it works, each month Ipsy has a variety of products and brands that your bag is chosen from and that they often have deals and discounts with.  Your ten bucks procures about five products, many of which are full size or deluxe samples and they arrive inside a logo cosmetic bag.  Although I would've like to try the liquid liner from Hikari (who made a beautiful lipstick I received in November) and the rose lip gloss that some girls got in their bags, I'm pretty happy with all my loot.

 I love the eye shadow brush from ElizabethMott.  It is very full, plush and hot pink too.  Nothing will beat the wonder of the Mirabella eyeshadow brush from earlier this year, but this comes close.

The #Pacifica shadow is pretty and reminds me of Stila's "Kitten" which I wore today.  I'm not sure that this will be as long lasting.  I searched it and it seems very sheer.  The color I received is called Ethereal.  I think it will be a great highlight.

The BellaPierre mineral shadow is a gorgeous steely color with a blue microglitter.  I have received this brand many times from subscription boxes and I'm always happy to see it.  I'm glad this isn't black like it looks in the package.  I'm definitely wearing this to work tomorrow.

The #lafresh moisturizer is enough to try it for several days even though it is in a foil pack style tube.  I love the La Fresh makeup remover wipes I have and I'm hoping this is an equally great product.

Finally, the Jouer lip treatment feels great on although the tube is nearly empty.  i wish they would give you more.  I had thought it was tinted but it seems to be clear.   It does make my lips feel interestingly tingly and feels very moisturizing.

This month's bag was really cool.  I enjoy the Fresh Start theme and I love eye product laden Ipsy bags.  The bag iitselfis cute and I appreciate that it is easy to wipe clean.

On a small side note, I truly wish Ipsy would get new stylists.  The four they have now are carbon copies of each other.  I wish they were distinctive and had their own personal style.  All four seem to be the same age, have the same hair color and share the same eyebrows.  I would love to see Ipsy's stylists expand to include other genders or more unique personalities.

I'm so very tired.  Nighttime cold medicine one, me zero.

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