Thursday, January 8, 2015

Blush Mystery Beauty Box January 2015

Darn you Blush Mystery Beauty Box!  Why do you have to go and send me some products I know I'll really like along with your crazy head scratching repeat products from last month's bag?  When I opened my package today I thought I accidentally got a second December bag and I was ready to call and complain until I realized the first product I pulled out was simply an identical repeat of the cleanser from last month's bag.  It got better as I kept digging but I was dismayed by the fact the big ticket item in the bag was something I just received a few weeks ago.  I don't mind a backup, but I want to actually explore a brand rather than have several of a product I may or may not like.  Speaking of backups, the SkinMedica dermal repair cream sample is also identical to the one sent in the November box and it is identically under-filled to the point of being practically empty.   *Insert dramatic sight here.*

Here is a breakdown of what's in the bag:

Full Size Products
Avene Eau Thermale Cleanser 6.76 oz. - $20
Cargo Essential Lip Gloss in Vienna .08 fl oz. - $16
GloMinerals Lipstick in Spark .12 oz. - $17
Talika Hydrating bio enzyme Mask - $15
Hydroxatone Headband - $5?

Deluxe Samples
Medicell Labs Eye Mask Duo (1 treatment) - $15.00 ($5 sale price)
CoverFX BB gel in medium .16 fl oz. - $7.50
SkinMedica dermal repair cream .13 oz. - $14

Even if you take into account the sale on on the eye mask this bag comes to $104.50 which is a great value.  I do find it interesting that the postcard accompanying the bag with the product rundown no longer says "Congrats! You've just received over $100 of beauty products!).  This may be because the headband isn't assigned a value or they don't carry the Talika masks yet and we're hesitant to claim the value.  In terms of things I will use and that I am excited about, I like the color and size of the lip products and I will definitely use them.  I will use the cleanser when I run out of my current cleanser and the full bottle from last month.  The masks are really cool looking although I always hesitate to use single use products like this that are pricey since I'm afraid I'll fall in love with them.  If I do I suppose Blush Mystery will send me more eventually!  I would love to try the bb gel because it is supposed to be a mattifying anti blemish treatment, but the medium shade appears way too dark for me.  I'm not even sure the fairest shade would be light enough although online reviews say it dries a lighter shade.  This box came with two foil packets as well of a Lorac primer and Weleda shampoo, but they are listed as free samples so I never include them in the value.

There were 2 promo codes in this month's box that are universal.  The code JAN10 gets you $10 off $75 at the trio of sites (blush, Dermstore and HairEnvy) through January 31st and MEDICELLEYE supposedly saves you 30% on the complete advanced moisture set (4 eye duos) but right now the product is 67% off at $19.95 (originally $60) on the Dermstore website.  The code says "valid while supplies last" but when I tried entering it on the site with the eye masks in my cart it took $0.00 off.  I guess it only works when it is full price.  I think it is crazy that the packaging doesn't even say where the code is honored.  It was probably a free sample sent out by the brand through Dermstore at some point, but it's still weird.  At least the website link for more product information ( is working this month.  The November link  never worked and the card was altogether missing from the December box, so at least it feels like they will be around for awhile longer.

This month's theme of Refresh & Rewind was timely and I liked most of the product selections, I just wish they would send a variety of products from a brand (like the blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss from Cargo) if they were going to feature them continuously.  It doesn't seem like a great sales tactic to send you duplicates so closely spaced.  I know I won't need to buy any cleanser or Klorane shampoo for a long time.  Still, you've got me Blush Mystery Box.  Two good lip products and some cool masks are enough to keep me holding on to see what comes next month.  I definitely got my $24.95 worth for January.

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