Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't Know Much About History

As I sit and watch "Sons of Liberty" on The History Channel, this Sam Cooke song is stuck in my head.

"Don't know much about history.
Don't know much geography.
Don't know much about a science book.
Don't know much about the French I took.
But I do know one and one is two,
and if this one could be with you
what a wonderful world this would be."

I may have mixed up the verse slightly, because Sam doesn't know much about a variety of subjects - he doesn't claim to be an "A" student after all.

I feel his pain.

I find myself saying things like "really?  This stuff happened?" and asking Andy "so is this the midnight ride of Paul Revere?  No, wait is this it?  Weren't there lanterns or something?" (Except I call Paul Revere "Renee" because that was the actor's character's name on "True Blood" - I also keep waiting for my friend Aaron Munoz to show up near him and get shot in a bar because there are a lot of bars in this and that's what happened when he was on "The Walking Dead").  Incidentally, Paul Revere does a lot of riding around in the dark.

Tonight I also spouted things like:

 "Aren't they supposed to be dressed as Indians?"

"So she just walks around in the middle of the night by herself because she's already beaten up?"

"So does she make an appointment to have an affair without her armed guard?"

"Where did they get those uniforms?"

"Oh.  It's like when Luke posed as a Stormtrooper". (I think I just thought this one rather than saying it out loud)

"Where is the light coming from?  It's not like they'd leave a bunch of candles in a store room full of gun powder.  That is some crazy bright moonlight up in that silo."

"Where is Abigail Addams?  She's on 'Downton Abbey'."

"What do you call it when there are guys with guns in an army and stuff but not army guys just normal guys?"

"Okay I love John Hancock."

My historical takeaways?

Sam Adams is hot.

I'm not sure if it's Adams or Addams.

Brilliant marketing tie-ins make me want beer.

John Hancock is the best.

The actor playing him looks just like a lot of other actors, but mainly Tom Hulce from "Amadeus".

Really  - I love John Hancock.

I've seen parts of this movie before on the HBO miniseries "John Addams".

I've seen a couple of Mrs. General Gage's outfits in other movies and now I have to figure out which ones. "Dangerous Liasons?"

I probably saw a lot of the men's clothes in "John Addams".

Still not sure about the spelling of the Adams/ Addams thing - I'll use both.  I really wish I had some beer to check...

Tomorrow we'll watch the third and final part of this and I'm sure I'll still be humming the song in my head.  I sure don't know much about American history.

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