Monday, January 5, 2015

Sleeping The Day Away

I'm kind of surprised I can keep my eyes open long enough to type today.  I have a headache that is making it difficult to concentrate on anything.  Scrolling through posts online makes me feel ill and I can't read for longer than five minutes without getting scrambled.  I know I really need the rest, but I hate feeling so loopy even before the medicine kicks in

I was hoping to take the tree down and pack away the ornaments today or tomorrow but the tree can sparkle away for a few more days I guess.  I hope next year I'll be a little more interested in the holidays in general.

Here's hoping you made it to work today and whatever bug that I've caught steers clear of you and yours.  Andy missed his work day too and we're a fine pair of sickos.   Hopefully I'll be back soon with some interesting content.  I have three books to review, a bunch of recipes to try and other posts planned that I hope you'll enjoy.

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