Thursday, January 29, 2015

Asleep In My Dinner Plate

Last night I fell asleep during the last fifteen minutes of Sons of Liberty and I didn't get to see John Hancock sign his name real big.

Tonight I fell asleep just at the end of Top Chef and I didn't even know who had to go home.

The conclusion?

I need sleep.

I'm so tired I can't even think straight.

I made dinner - crispy tofu fried rice which was delicious, but after that I crashed and zonked out.

Start with pepper strips, scallions, and carrots lightly sauteed in a tablespoon of olive oil.  Add a cup of rice and simmer in 2 cups of beef stock until water is absorbed - about 15 minutes.

I added sauteed mushrooms, an egg and soy marinated tofu dredged in corn starch and pan fried until crisp.

Truly, I barely made it through Supernatural and it was a Charlie episode!

So I'm going to bed.  Hope you enjoy this simple stir fry on a night when you can function better than I can!

Nighty night!

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