Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Big Day!

I've looked forward to this day for months!


Oh, and it's my seventh wedding anniversary.  (My husband thought this was very funny).

I really am excited about TWD being back on tonight.  I have had worried dreams about the Terminus folk killing my Glenn and Darryl.  But more than that I'm excited that Andy and I have been married for seven wonderful years.  We've had our ups and downs but I'm always happy to have my best friend by my side.  He'll be by my side tonight while we watch one of our favorite shows together!

I love you Andy Reynolds.

This was such an early pic of us!
Our first trip to Baltimore.
My brother Mikey's wedding.  (We look so happy!  Haha)
My nephew Patrick's wedding.  This blue shirt comes up a lot.  
A later trip to see the O's play.
Testing out a sleep number bed that we wound up being taken with and bringing home.
Heading to our friends Tina and Dwayne's wedding.  His shirt isn't blue - that's his jacket!
We were blissfully drunk at my cousin Kelly's wedding.  What an awesome day.
I am pretty sure this was our first photo as a couple.  I still love it best.
And of course I have to show off some pictures of our very furry and slightly stinky family members who have been with us as we travel through our crazy wonderful life together.

This is Cinna, our newest addition.  She's our three year old princess.

This is Obi-Wan.  He may not be the youngest, but he is our baby.

This was our sweet boy Puck.  He is gone, but not forgotten.  He was a wonderful dog

Well, that's our story so far.  Hopefully the unwritten pages are filled with love and joy.  Here's one last photo of my sweetheart in a blue shirt!

Just kidding!  I'll keep this one.  He ought to borrow Darryl's vest to match this hat!

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