Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Being sick as a grown-up means catching up on tv, and deciding what to read next

I had to stay home from work today and try to get rid of this cold.  I thought I would be able to make it through the work day, but at about ten minutes of seven I had such a bad coughing fit it made me see stars and the dizziness led to me chucking myself right back in bed.  I thought I would read a bit, but the words were swimming this morning too, so I took a nap and watched a little tv.  When Andy got home I had passed out again and was sound asleep - I'd lost most of the day to it.

I didn't get much of anything done.  I watched the first half of the Live At Lincoln Center concert performance of Sweeney Todd and I was delighted by the cast and the costuming of the company.  I only watched the first act because I was having trouble concentrating and I love the show so much I didn't want to fall asleep during the performance even if it was only on my television.  I am very fond of the casting and think that this may replace the original Broadway cast in my mind.  I actually prefer Emma Thompson's Mrs. Lovett to Patti Lupone's and even to Angela Lansbury's.  She doesn't have the vocal skill the other actresses do, but I enjoy the way she inhabits the role and believe in her adoration of Sweeney and her plucky humor.  The actor playing Judge is menacing, creepy and has a gorgeous voice, all of those apply to the actor playing Sweeney as well.  I can't wait to watch the second act when I'm not in a fuzzy cold medicine haze.

I also watched Dance Moms (my number one guilty pleasure - I have to admit to rooting against everyone but Chloe and Nia at this point, and I secretly love Cathy and her hodge podge Candy Apples) and tried to make my way through an episode of The Paradise on Masterpiece, but I hate the show as much as I did last year when I thought it ended the season in an absurd "we probably aren't renewed so we need to tidily wrap this up" way.  They haven't fixed the wig issues and have managed to add more actors to the cast that I find annoying and difficult to watch.  Thank goodness all the fall tv shows are starting back up.  I need a dose of Darryl Dixon, and hopefully American Horror Story isn't full of clowns.  I don't need the nightmares.

Right now I can't decide what to read.  I have an embarrassment of wonderful books, but too many choices.  I am a few chapters into Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, but I feel like there are other books beckoning to me before I finish it.  One is Unravel by Calia Read.  A chapter in I'm completely confused but also intrigued.    There is also Sandra Dallas's A Quilt for Christmas which looks to be a  promising and quick read and which publishes soon.  Last is Kate Manning's My Notorious Life which is a historical fiction novel I won from Goodreads.  I really need to start it as well.  The story is based on an actual midwife in 1860's New York.  I just found out I won another Goodreads giveaway today for a book on three generations of midwives.  I find the profession as a whole very interesting and wish I knew more about it.

 I wish there were more reading hours in a day.  I'd like a few hours for working out too so I can lose some weight.  For the time being I'll sleep and hope tomorrow I'll feel better, but if someone could figure out how to add recovery hours to today I'd be ever so grateful!

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