Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall TV Rocks

I am so freaking excited for tonight's premier of American Horror Story Freakshow.

The snippets of the actors who make up the supporting cast that the AHS Facebook page has been posting are even more exciting.

Too bad I hate clowns!  I loved them as a kid - I even had a collection of clown figurines.  Then I grew up and read a cute little story book by Stephen King called "It".  Tim Curry's performance in the movie version forever cemented my fear, and I must say that Twisty the clown looks pretty darn scary.

Between AHS, The Walking Dead's return this weekend and last night's Supernatural episode, I'm in TV heaven.

I could listen to Dean Winchester sing "I'm Too Sexy" on repeat.  His newly wicked ways are going to be amazing.

Hope you all are enjoying the new fall shows.  What shows are you excited about this fall?

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