Friday, October 24, 2014

The Most Hilarious Pot Holder You Will Ever See

I love to laugh.  If you know me, you probably would remark that my laugh is memorable.  Some would call it stupid or obnoxious, but if you've been around to hear it when I'm uncontrollably cracking up you would probably agree that it's pretty infectious too.  It makes other people laugh with me or at me.  All the same it's funny stuff.

I like to think I am a good audience member because I know that a cast for a theatre production can tell when I am really enjoying a show.  They probably remark to each other about the crazy lady in the audience who is letting them know they're killing it.  I have had friends tell me they know it's a good show if they can hear me laughing in the wings.  I like spreading that kind of joy.

I have a very brief story to tell that makes me laugh every time I think of it.

One day Andy and I were out shopping at Ollie's.  If you don't know, Ollie's is a bargain basement store where there are tons of books, bedding, toys, furniture - anything you can think of really, and it is all sort of lumped together in a semi-organized fashion that looks a little chaotic and junky.  I like the store because there are always bargains to be had, and their "Good stuff cheap!" logo is usually spot on.

We're walking through the aisles of bedding and towels and heading up toward the checkout when we come across two older ladies giggling at an endcap.

I can't see what she's holding, but one lady is positively caressing a pot holder and saying "I need a pair to take home with me".

When they realize they have an audience the tittering becomes a bit higher pitched and the lady who was doing the fondling drops the pot holder and blushes from head to toe.  Both of the women slink around the corner, the non-fondling one snorts and then all he'll breaks loose and they belly laugh their way across the store.

Andy and I are a little perplexed but then we actually get a look at what she was holding.

And we die.  We can hardly breathe from laughing.  We're cracking jokes and pointing and doing some fondling of our own while tears threaten to spill down our cheeks.

Obviously we couldn't leave the store without it.  Andy indelicately referred to it as the "ballsack pot holder" and declared it a must have.  At $1.29 it may have been the best money we ever spent.  

It was hung in our kitchen the second we arrived home, and "Grandma's favorite" pair looks down over every dish I make in my kitchen.  It even matches my Brady Bunch orange countertops perfectly.  

I can't tell you how many times I have looked up and cracked up over this little piece of whimsy.  Whoever printed this marvelous bit of cloth, I commend you for making each day a little brighter and giving me a reason to laugh.  

Sometimes I'm laughing at the memory of the two women who were so taken with the moment.  Most of the time I'm laughing because we're the couple who realizes these pears are comedy gold, and I love that about us.

We rock. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope that when laughter strikes you let it rip through you and tear you up.  Laughter is awesome.  Much love folks!

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