Monday, October 27, 2014

Double Chocolate Cookies with Candied Bacon Bits

I made a batch of these double chocolate and bacon cookies a few years back and took them home for my family.  I thought they were pretty smashing and Andy did too but they got some mixed reactions from the kids (my nieces and nephews).  I don't remember exactly what we were talking about today at work that got me thinking about them and describing their yum-osity, but I already have a wide variety of responses ranging from "I wouldn't even try that" to "You need to prove that they are good by bringing us some tomorrow!"  In the interest of proving bacon really does make everything better, I whipped up a batch.

The basic double chocolate cookie recipe I followed can be found on All under Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I made the following small changes - Where it says "soften butter" I zapped the butter in the microwave and got it to the half melted point to make it easier to combine with the sugar and let it cool slightly before I added the eggs so they wouldn't cook.  I omitted the salt because the bacon more than made up for it, and I did not add the optional walnuts.  I think the cookies take a few minutes longer than they call for.  I left each batch in for ten minutes, checked them and then added an additional two minutes of baking time.  This was in my convection oven so I had the heat set at 325 degrees and left the convection feature on.

I chose Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips because they are bigger than most chips and they are delicately sweet and delicious.  I also, of course added bacon!  Here is how I made it.

Take 5 strips of bacon (I used Hormel Black Label because there was a 20% off Target Cartwheel coupon for it this week and I was there to pick up the new Taylor Swift CD).  Stack it and cut the stack into four strips lengthwise with kitchen shears.  In a frying pan over medium heat, use the shears to snip tiny bits off each of the long strips.  This gives you tiny, crunchy bits that are large enough to taste but small enough to blend in without overwhelming the cookie.  Allow the pieces to crisp for at least five minutes, stirring often and breaking up any bits that may have stuck together with a spatula.  Pour off grease and put back on low heat, watching carefully.  Add one tablespoon of brown sugar and sweep it quickly through the remaining bacon drippings, tossing it well to combine.  If necessary add one teaspoon of fruit juice or a splash of soda to help dissolve the sugar and coat the pieces.  Remove from heat and set aside.  Add the bacon to the cookie mixture last and stir well to combine.  I popped the whole bowl in the freezer for ten minutes to help the soft dough be able to form spoonfuls to drop on parchment covered cookie sheets.

The end result are chewy, moist, chocolaty cookies with a hint of a smoky, salty crunch.   If you enjoy chocolate covered pretzels, give these a try.  They're pretty fab, and honestly if you didn't hear about the bacon you would wonder where the extra delicious bits came from.  I'll be delivering these special treats to work tomorrow!  Much love to all of you folks - hope you give these a try!

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