Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Un-Tech Savvy

You know what I can't figure out?

My IPod.  My desktop.  The thing that connects them to the internet (or doesn't in the case of my IPod).  My smart phone.  My dumb old landline.  My Amazon account.  My husband (just kidding honey, I figured you out a long time ago).

Basically if it has a wire that plugs into the wall I can't figure it out.  It's pathetic.

All I want to do is take the new Taylor Swift CD and transfer it to my IPod.  Most human beings over the age of four can perform this activity with their eyes closed.  I however have a copy of Red (for non Taylor Swift fans that was her last CD) that has yet to make it to the device because when it came out more than a year ago I couldn't figure out how to load it on the damnable Apple contraption.  Now 1989 is taunting me from the kitchen table where it isn't being played.

When I called Apple's ITech support for help last year, they unhelpfully told me if I wanted to speak to a rep I'd have to pay a service charge because I wasn't the original licensed owner of the equipment.   I had made the mistake of purchasing a pre-owned device because the Shuffle which I had (and could actually afford) only held about 8 CDs worth of songs.  I wouldn't even be able to load a tenth of my Christmas CDs on it, and upgrading it cost way too much.  To solve this problem, I did what most human beings over the age of four would do.  I found a college student on eBay who sold me his IPod Touch for $80 and threw in his case, extra cords, a car charger and a left me a note that said he promised he would use the money for textbooks.  I really hope he enjoyed the pizza and alcohol because I was in college once and I know what's up.  I also know that it's freaking crazy to pay for tech support.  So I hung up on Apple, gave up on Red making it to the IPod and listened on my ridiculously old school Sony Discman.  Then suddenly, yet unsurprisingly one day this summer it crapped out on me.

I really should have tried to get that college kid's number.  He probably could've fixed it over the phone because he's capable of reading the instruction book - the one helpful thing he neglected to include.

I am good with books, printed text and instruction sheets.  You don't have to plug them in.  I can even usually figure out the Kindle but I'm convinced they made it easy on purpose because if they overcomplicated it the book nerds wouldn't buy one.

I am bad with technology.  This is known.

I should have bought the album on Amazon because I could have added the digital files to my computer and gotten them on the IPod that way, or at the very least I could have listened on my phone because it has awesome Beats by Dre speakers, but I decided I had to buy it at Target for the bonus tracks.  When I made it there after work there were only five copies left, so I am not the only girl who had to own it on the first day.

I might be the only one who hasn't listened to it yet.

If you have any helpful suggestions for me that won't make me feel like brainless fool, I'd welcome them.  They will likely make my eyes glaze over and I will stare at the screen going "huh? what?" and make you regret your kind hearted helpfulness, but I'd welcome them just the same.

I'll be home all day tomorrow due to a slow work week.  Hopefully I will figure it out and tomorrow I can brag about my ability to miraculously get music to jump from a round piece of plastic to my ears through six different digital transfers and some prayers.  Hopefully.

Wish me luck and ask the tech gods for sympathy.  They sure aren't getting any money for their assistance!

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