Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christmas in the Movies

I am a Christmas movie nut.  I have a big collection of holiday DVDs and I like to watch them all year long, not just as seasonal fare.  I love Christmas themed books too.  Actually I love nearly any book or movie that is set in the wintertime and around the holidays.   It should come as no surprise that most of my favorite movies have at least a scene featuring this most wonderful time of the year.

Here are a few of my favorite films that feature the holidays - this is just a list, it isn't in any particular order, but it is definitely a strong theme in movies I love.  If you have any suggestions as to movies that aren't necessarily Christmas movies that feature the holidays, I would love to hear about them and watch them.  I am open to films in any genre and I love to discover new ones.  Flat out Christmas movies are fine too!

1. Love Actually - this is definitely in my top three favorite movies of all time.  It heavily features Christmas, but I don't really consider it a Christmas movie.  It also features a young Andrew Lincoln for you Walking Dead fans.

2. It's A Wonderful Life - The scene where a young George Bailey misses Mary's declaration of love in his deaf ear gets me every time.  I watch it every year more than once.  Frank Capra was a genius at capturing emotion and the film is every bit as relevant now as it was when it was shot.

3.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - My favorite of the Harry Potter movies features the first Christmas Harry spends at Hogwarts.  The Yule Ball, the Christmas trees magically covered with snow and the Weasley sweaters make this movie so delightful to me.  I love this story best and I still get all teary about Cedric Diggory.  Maybe tears are a thematic linking element in my favorite films too.

4.  Die Hard - A young Bruce Willis rescues a bunch of Christmas party-goers trapped in a high rise by a terrorist.  He does it in bare feet and a wife beater.  This movie is heaven.  The sequel is even better.  Nothing says Christmas like stabbing a bad guy in the face with an icicle!

5.  Scrooged - Yes, it's a retelling of A Christmas Carol so it's clearly a Christmas movie, but it is a Christmas movie with Bill Murray at the top of his game.  The supporting cast amaze me with their comedic chops and I see something new every time I watch it.

So tell me - what holiday-ish movies do I need to watch right now?

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