Sunday, September 28, 2014

Toast and Tea Can Cure What Ails You

I'm feeling pretty dreadful today.  It's that time of year when my allergies, my tendency toward chattering teeth and declarations of "it's freezing" in any temperature below 75 degrees and my uncanny ability to pick up whatever bug anyone within 30 feet of me has, meets to make me miserable.  I try taking medicine, and occasionally I will take vitamins to ward off colds but I seldom remember to do so for longer than a week.  By that time I already have whatever dreaded thing that has kicked a few butts and I will probably get it again before the season is over.  It is an ongoing and not very fun saga, but I've learned to associate Autumn with its familiar arrival.  Today it is a killer headache, a sore throat and a general feeling that someone slugged me with a baseball bat in my joints and lower back.

When I was a kid and I was sick there was one surefire meal I would be served.  I knew my mom believed I was ill and was getting ready to call the school and let them know I wasn't going to make it if I heard "go lie down honey.  I'll bring you some toast and tea".  If you were having issues with your tummy there would be ginger ale too.  If you were lucky it was Vernor's hot ginger ale (which may be the most delicious pop in the history of time if you don't count Cheerwine).

Two slices of toasted white bread that has a golden sheen of melted butter and a cup of hot Rose brand tea laced with sugar was the medicine of choice in our house.  It always makes me feel better.  Even if I'm just having a crap day I self diagnose my need for toast and tea therapy.

Some people swear by chicken soup and my husband makes a pot of chili with an extra jalapeno kick to "burn the cold out".  My undergrad theatre professor Mel would always tell me I should drink a Coke to settle my stomach because her family swore by its healing properties.  I've had friends who said they had to drink orange juice or Gatorade until they were sick to death of it or have a dinner of white rice while the rest of their family had McDonald's hamburgers.  Popsicles and brandy were popular sore throat fixes from what I've been told (although not at the same time).  A college friend would always order an extra greasy pizza that he would eat in one sitting because it "replenished his electrolytes".  He made remarkable recoveries.

All of this brings up the question - what is your go to meal when you're feeling under the weather?  Is it manufactured to make you feel better because of itsuncanny healing ability or is it strictly a remembered comfort of having someone to take care of you?  Let me know what it is that makes you feel better - I'm willing to add to my toast and tea if you have a great suggestion!

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