Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Year of Weddings and Joy

I am blessed to know so many wonderful souls who tied the knot this year.  Andy and I were lucky to attend five weddings in the past five months, all lovely, personalized ceremonies joining our family members and friends together for life.  Getting to dance, make merry and raise a joyful noise with these folks has been truly awesome.  I wish them all nothing but the most perfect love and happiness.  

2014 Newlyweds 

Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne and Tina Hawley - March 30th

Our friends Dwayne and Tina kicked off the wedding season.  Their ceremony and reception featured the couple and their friends and family singing songs in honor of their new life together.  It was lovely to see and hear their romance through their shared passion for music.  This cowboy and girl were made for each other.

Mr.& Mrs. Chuck and Kelly Wu - April 5th

 My cousin Kelly and her wonderful husband Chuck had a splendid wedding that was insanely cool.  The dance floor was filled with my family members (some of whom I had just met that evening) having a ball.  The photo booth they had for guests was silly, blissful fun and their sparkling send off a treat.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Karli Pepple  - May 17th

Henry and Karli's outdoor wedding was on a gorgeous sunny day.  These two people found their love again after many years apart.  Their commitment to each other and their religious beliefs were wonderful to behold.  The streamers they handed out to guests made a celebration of their first walk together as husband and wife.

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan and Marissa Miller - July 19th

My niece Marissa's wedding to her high school sweetheart Ryan was laid back and rustic.  The rain clouds couldn't chase away the fun.  Leave it to this girl to announce "I've always dreamed of getting married in a barn!"  Her visit with my parents the next morning is something I will never forget.  I adore these kids.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Sara Myers - September 13th

 Today I got to see my friend Mike marry the girl of his dreams.  His quiet nature is perfectly challenged by Sara's fun loving attitude.  Their lakeside wedding was in the lantern room of Fort Ritchie and their love lit up the hall.  Their touching tributes to his mother who passed away made the day even more special.

All of these people have touched the lives of my husband and I, and left an indelible mark on us with their love and friendship.  I'm so happy to have been there as a witness to each of these days and moments in their lives.  Thank you for asking us to join in your happiness and for sharing your love and special moments.  

Each of these days takes me back to my own wedding day.  Andy and I didn't have a big party or stand up in front of all of the folks who we number as special.  It was just the two of us and the justice who listened to us say "I do".  Next month we'll celebrate our seventh anniversary.  Seven very happy years of being lucky in love and finding each other. That's a reason to celebrate too.  

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Michelle Reynolds - October 12th 2007

Much love to all of you.

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