Monday, September 22, 2014

Books for Days!

I'm so grateful that I have been blessed by a deluge of books lately.  It seems that I have a lucky star shining down on me.  The only problem is I don't know what to read first!

Here are a few of the awesome books I have received in the mail in the past few months.  I am going to be happily passing the fall and winter with these friends to keep me company, and have already reviewed a few here on my blog.

This is just a sample of the awesome reading I have done and still have waiting for me - I am actually dedicating a bookshelf entirely to books that I've discovered through these programs.

 I don't enter every giveaway in the history of time (although I know it may seem that way).  If a book strikes me as interesting or if I see it deals with a topic I'm excited about I will take a moment and fill out an entry form for a giveaway or I will retweet or comment on a blog post in hopes that I'll be chosen as a reader - I do try very hard to review all the books I am given prior to their publication if I receive an ARC, and I always review my Goodreads and Library Thing wins because the books they give out depend on word of mouth for sales.  The more I review, the more opportunities pop up!

I will never tire of reading and my new found passion for blogging and reviewing is quickly replacing my need to spend money on subscription boxes.  I've cut way back on the monthly subscriptions and have found I am much happier, so I'm grateful for that too!

A million thank yous to the generous folks who send this glorious book mail my way.  It's like Christmas when the UPS truck pulls up - most giveaways don't let you know you've won, they just appear on your doorstep, and there's no surprise like a book mail surprise!

Algonquin Books Blog
Library Thing 
Twitter - St. Martin's Press
Shelf Awareness giveaway blog hop

Blogging For Books, Goodreads, Shelf Awareness

She Reads Summer Giveaway

Blogging for Books Special Request

Shelf Awareness, Goodreads
She Reads Summer Giveaway
Blogging For Books
A box of book goodness from including books from the House Party Chatterbox program, Read It Forward, Influenster, Swaggable and other blog giveaways including Wen's Buzzing Reviews and The Lit Bitch!

Books - My favorite place to get lost!  

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