Monday, September 29, 2014

This Sucks.

I felt marginally better this evening and since my throat wasn't bothering me any longer I decided to sing a few charts on the karaoke machine.

I wish I hadn't.

The karaoke machine is a piece of shit.

Very expensive, non-working shit.

So is our printer which will not print out the label for us to send it back.

If I am grateful for anything today it is for not throwing it through the window.

That's all folks.

A quick update:  Well the karaoke machine is in the mail and making its way back to the folkd we bought it from who are sending us a replacement.  Luckily the warranty was still in effect (even though it was only a thirty day one so thank goodness it went kerflooey when it did instead of a few days later.)  Unfortunately Andy stayed up until nearly 2 AM trying to get the printer to work before giving up and putting in the brand new printer we've had on standby since our old one was on its last legs.  He had to go to WalMart in the wee hours for a black ink cartridge, but the label was printed and it has shipped.  He is already sound asleep and I should be too but my cold is back!  Ick.

Much love and no colds or flus to all of you.

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