Saturday, September 6, 2014

Super quick Book Riot Quarterly box reveal! #BKR04

Yay!!  My Book Riot Quarterly box arrived today and I was very pleased with the contents!  I pay for this subscription and it is a pricey one at $50 a box. I had a first time subscriber discount code for this box FIRSTBOX10 that saved me ten dollars, so it was only $40 but I'm still glad that it only ships once every three months because otherwise I'd be broke for sure.

Here is my YouTube unboxing video!

Included were the following items that everyone received:
- "Read Harder" water bottle
- The Salinger Contract a novel by Adam Langer with a specially notated letter for Book Riot readers
- What We See When We Read by Peter Mendelsund filled with awesome post-its from the author
- Read sticker
- Special Edition Print by Obvious State (which I mistakenly refer to as The Illustrated Quotation Company)
- Code for the ebook version of Michael Chabon's Maps and Legends from Open Road Media (bonus)

I also was one of the fortunate few that received:
- a button from that says "Have Fun Storming the Castle!"
- Of All The Gin Joints by Mark Railey, Illustrated by Edward Hemingway

One lucky person received a Lumio lamp, but unfortunately that wasn't me.  I was very happy to get an extra book in my box because Quarterly says only about 20% contain extra lottery items.

The books in my box had a value of over $63 collectively, not counting the fact that two had exclusive perks.  I used the full list price on the novels and the Kindle price of the ebook because that is where I downloaded my copy to find the value.  The print is exclusive but similar prints on the Obvious State site are $24 and the bottle, sticker and pin bring the value of my box to well over $90.  I would have loved a few more Bookish things, but I will use several of the enclosures as bookmarks and I'm really excited to dive into Peter Mendelsund's book.  I was hoping it was included so it will save me from buying a copy.

This is my first Book Riot Quarterly box and it won't be my last.  I am expecting a My Subscription Addiction Quarterly box to arrive by the end of the month.  I'll post a review for it too!

I am posting a YouTube video of my unboxing, but my phone is cold and dead at the moment and I think it is because as I started to load my video it got insanely hot.  No bueno.  I will add a link when it uploads if it ever does.

Thanks guys - much love to y'all.

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