Saturday, September 27, 2014

Making Progress...

I started to tackle the bedroom today.  There is a ton of work to be done.  You wouldn't think that such a small room could possibly hold so much stuff.

Apart from the piles of clothes that I have to wash and the baskets of clothes that are already cleaned and need to be folded there were dozens upon dozens of boxes of things I had to go through.  When I "clean up" I generally make piles of magazines and books and papers and makeup.  Allison, my friend from Instagram laughed when I said I tripped over boxes of makeup but it is the truth.  Makeup is everywhere.

I don't collect it exactly, I just love it.  I taught theatrical makeup design classes at the University of Alabama as a graduate student and I see potential in just about everything.  I think "ooh!  This would be a great retro color for a pinup look" or "this glitter will be just the thing if I have to do a fairy makeup".  I don't even do makeup on other people any more, but the ideas don't quit popping into my makeup artist brain.  I also can't seem to resist a sale, and I have loads of unopened makeup with clearance stickers on it.  I have hundreds of products I have received from subscription boxes too.  There was a month last year when I received 13 different boxes.  Insanity.  I see that now, but I really thought I needed them.  I am now down to two makeup subscriptions (Ipsy and Blush Mystery Beauty Box) and one book subscription (Book Riot) but it is a Quarterly box and only arrives once every three months, so it is manageable.  I will likely give theses up too in the near future, but they are exciting and relatively inexpensive (the makeup boxes are less than $35 a month combined and I used to pay that for one Wantable or PopSugar box).

I am about halfway done with the room and I worked on it for almost 9 hours today.  Here are some pictures to show the progress I made.
This is a box of boxes and wrappers/ cardboard from packaging I saved for no reason.

 These Glossybox boxes are full to the brim with whatever the labels say they have in them.  They are going to be stored under my vanity table.  Perhaps I'll actually use it now that it has been cleared of the piles and piles of makeup that you couldn't see past!

Eyeliner/ Brow Pencils 

Primer/ BB Creams

Single Eye shadows 

Lip gloss

 These storage boxes are for CDs - I found them at Dollar General.  I like the fact that they are clear and I can easily spot things.  Hopefully it will encourage me to use it more often.  I have things I love that I totally forgot about.  I have two large clear plastic organizers that are in the "office".  The office will probably take me a week to finish.  It is the most overwhelming room.  I start to feel panicked just thinking about it.  I think I will leave it for next weekend because I need a few solid days to work on it.

It might not seem like much, but this is actually big time progress from what it was.  I think I might take some "before" pictures of the office because that room will be a major transformation if I can get it together.  I hope you all are having good, productive weekends.  I'll be here trying to straighten out the mess.  Wish me luck!

Lip stains, pencils and crayons

Eye liners 

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