Thursday, November 20, 2014

Songs For Any Occasion (Except Christmas)

I've often thought that Billy Joel has sung a song appropriate for just about anything life has to offer.  My friend Kapoo and I have had many conversations about this and have summarily agreed that when life hands you a moment that you can't quite sum up with words, the Piano Man is where it's at.

I can't count the times that I have put on a Billy Joel song and had it change my mood.  If I'm feeling sad and I need cheering up, any number of his songs are going to make me happier.  It is difficult if not impossible for me to listen to The Longest Time without smiling.  If my day has been the longest day in history I listen to Pressure and bang my head around and play air synthesizer like a fool or scream the "JFK Blown away.  What else do I have to say?" part of We Didn't Start the Fire.  Every heartbreak in my life has had me curled up and crying with Billy's voice in my ears telling me life is "either sadness or euphoria".  Truly, he's always there singing to me about my own feelings and teaching me things about myself that are hard to recognize.

Tonight, while trying to finish his biography and also trying to adjust to overtime hours with an uncooperative and overly tired body, I was struck with a horrible thought.

This man has never released a Christmas album.

I am a Christmas music fanatic.  It seems wrong.  No, not just wrong, but ludicrous that this doesn't exist.  I figured I could probably make my own by just going on ITunes and buying all the tracks he recorded and putting them all together and....

Nope.  Not going to happen.

There are a few records here and there where he appears, singing a Christmas tune.  Rosie O'Donnel got him to sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  He also sings The Christmas Song in a particularly glorious fashion with Johnny Mathis on the holiday album Mathis released last year, but I want more.  I want my favorite singer singing all my favorite Christmas songs.  And some Hanukkah songs too since both of his parents were Jewish.  I want him to throw in Auld Lang Syne as well.

Here is my short list of songs that need to be on the album.  Billy Joel, if you're reading this, I love you and obviously your choices are going to be awesome and you don't need to use mine, just as long as you make this record.  I know you're retired and all that jazz, but I need this.

Oh Holy Night
Silver and Gold
Holly Jolly Christmas
Happy Joyous Hanukkah
It's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
I Don't Remember Christmas
Turkey Lurkey Time
Let it Snow
White Winter Hymnal
Must've Been That Ol' Santa Claus
A Christmas Auld Lang Syne

There are so many more.  So many many more.  I will probably be editing this list as I think of them, but this would be a great start, so please Billy.  Sing me a song.  A Christmas song.  Tonight would be good.

Please add your suggestions.  I want to hear them and imagine them in his voice.  And of course I want him to listen up and make this album so I need your input.

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