Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Mail is the best mail!

I really am extraordinarily blessed by the amount of wonderful books I receieve.  If I started reading right now it would probably take me a week of doing nothing else just to make a dent in the stack.

 I love the connections I have with the companies that send me the advance reader copies, uncorrected proofs and finished works that I review for this blog.  Talking to them and reaching out to them on social media about my passion for books is a huge part of my enjoyment.  I've received even more lovely books since I made the 'Books For Days" post back in September.

I love sharing my excitement over new titles.  Here are just a few of the reads I can look forward to in the upcoming weeks.  (It is also worthy to note that the new Geoffrey Zakarian cookbook will be arriving in the next few days courtesy of the kind folks at Blogging for Books and I'm enjoying several new works through Net Galley and the Penguin First Readers Program on my Kindle.). You will see reviews for many of these titles in the near future.  If you have a specific book you'd like to hear more about let me know and I'll try and make it a priority on my "To be read" list.

This doesn't even include all the books I'm currently reading or  account for any I've reviewes since the last post.  I hope your weekend will be happy and that you'll have the luxury of reading a few chapters of your own.  


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