Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ipsy November 2014 Glam Bag

This month's Ipsy bag had a "Girl Meets Glitter" theme.  I must admit I wasn't too excited when I heard the announcement and saw a few spoilers on the Instagram Ipsy page.  I kept thinking I should cancel this subscription because it feels like it has changed its focus in the past year to a younger clientele and that they have been sending out products which didn't seem as exciting.  I like to try new things and discover mid range and high end brands in beauty subscriptions, and after recent inclusions of companies like Revlon that were well known and readily available in the drugstore lines I felt Ipsy was a let down.  The "Girl Meets Glitter" was even more of a red flag.  I'm nearly 40.  Do I really need to be wearing glitter?

I shouldn't have worried.  Ipsy is only a ten dollar gamble each month and this month I feel like I won the glam bag lottery with a selection of products that were with one exception generously sized and in formulas that weren't overly glittery but still had a sparkle of sophistication.  The bag itself is a glitter vinyl, and is sparkly and pretty enough that it will go right in my purse to hold my Ipod.  I'm glad that the glitter is sealed in the vinyl so I don't have to worry about it shedding its sparkle.  It was unclear from the preview pictures, but this bag is one of my favorite in recent months and feels appropriate for the upcoming holidays.

Four of the products were in full sizes or travel sizes which I thought had tons of product to sample.  The Demeter roll on perfume in the Pixie Dust fragrance smelled similar to a scent I used to wear from Victoria's Secret called Strawberries and Champagne.  It reminded me a little of the Strawberry Shortcake doll's scent as well.  It may be a little too youthful for me, but it was very subtle and I ended up liking it.  It is a travel size, but there is plenty and it will take me a long time to use it so it is the perfect size for me.  The Elizabeth Mott It's So Fine liquid liner is gorgeous and has an easy to use applicator that enables you to draw a very fine line.  The color is called Glitterati and it is an ebony black shade with silver sparkles, it is also waterproof and the swatch held up through multiple hand washings until I removed it with eye makeup remover.  It seems to be a very "grown up" way to wear glitter and I'm going to rock it tomorrow at work.  I believe it to be full size and if that is the case it retails for $17.99.  I also am a big fan of the Nicole by OPI Guys and Galaxy polish.  The clear base holds fine silver micro glitter as well as larger rainbow holographic sparkles.  I bite my nails so I never wear color on them, but I love to put a little sparkle on them and this is a perfect sheer formula.  It will also be a great holiday topcoat for my toes.  The L.A. Colors chunky lip pencil is probably my favorite item in the bag.  The wine color is great for fall and it applied in sheer layers so you could build the color.  I thought it would be very glossy but it was more of a stain and lasted until dinner which was a very messy (but delicious) sub my friend Sherwyn bought for me to try.  When I wear it again I will probably apply a lip balm first, but the color was beautiful and after finding they are only $2.99 at Dollar General I think I will be looking for more colors.

The only miss for me in this month's bag is the Temptu product.  I know this is an airbrush makeup brand so I found it strange that they would include it.  I swatched it on the back of my hand and it was a very shimmery pale opalescent pink color that I enjoyed, but it was very liquidy and I felt like with my skin tone it would take most of the bottle before it really showed up.  I may try it as a brow bone highlight tomorrow since I plan to wear a pink shadow.  I would've preferred a different product but it is at least from a brand I was interested in and was happy to experiment with.  I wish the sample size would've been a little bigger because I feel like this will be gone in a flash, but I wasn't at all upset since I had four other great items this month and an adorable bag.

This Ipsy glam bag seems to have a total product value of over $40.  In Ipsy land that is a real treat.  Although there are often full size products it is rare that they send ones of such high value.  The bags can vary wildly in content since there are usually ten or more brands featured in each bag.  The only item I wished I would have been able to try this month was the Laura Mercier fan brush.  That would've been a great swap for the Temptu but I might be able to trade some other month's products for it.

Today was pretty awesome.  I got to see two friends who I used to work with and I was so happy to spend the evening out.  I did a little shopping and found an excellent deal on long sleeve tees at Old Navy.  At only $4 each I bought a week's worth of new work tops for less than $30 and I know that they are high quality because I am still wearing Old Navy tees that I bought when I moved to Hagerstown seven years ago.  I also found three new restaurants that I can't wait to try and there is a brand new place in the mall that serves Boba tea!  I absolutely love bubble teas and drinks and I would have gotten one tonight if I hadn't been so distracted at the arrival of my friend Mike who I haven't seen since his wedding.  In all it was a bang up day and I am looking forward to the weekend which should be even better.

Oh and one other thing made today awesome - SNOW!  (It was just a few flakes but I love the winter season and the first flakes mean Christmas is on its way.  Yay!)  Have a great night folks!

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