Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Glossybox Warehouse Mystery Boxes

Howdy folks!

A few weeks ago Glossybox offered previous monthly boxes for sale in a great one time deal and I was able to snag three.  The deal was to clean out their warehouse and make room for more inventory, and had their regularly priced ($21 a month) subscription boxes for a steal.  You could purchase up to three, and if you bought a bundle of two or three they were guaranteed to be different with no product overlap.  The offer (which is no longer available) was $18 for one box, $24 for two boxes or $30 for three.  The deal was wildly popular and the three box option sold out very quickly so I was glad I saw the email shortly after it hit my mailbox and jumped on the deal right away.

I had cancelled my Glossybox subscription early this year in favor of other boxes.  I signed up for the Glossybox limited edition Bergdorf Goodman box when it launched because it included a $25 gift code to the store and had five samples from brands I was excited to try, but that box sold out, so I was sure that I was going to receive three boxes that I hadn't received before, and that made this an exciting and worthy deal for me.  I also promised myself that I would open, try or trade all of these products because I really don't need any more beauty samples - I have cancelled almost all of my subscriptions for this reason.  I was happy to get some awesome stuff which will become gifts this holiday and some cool things I've already tried, but I'm glad I didn't have to pay full price for these boxes or start my subscription again to get them.  I hope they have these deals in the future because I am happy to wait for them!

July 2014 - estimated product value $103.40

The first box I opened had a full size Ciate' nail polish in the color "Kitten Heels" that wasn't included on the information card.  It was my favorite item in this box, and Ciate' reached out on Instagram to tell me they were happy I enjoyed the surprise.  Although I find this brand out of my price range at $15 a bottle, I really enjoyed the color and application.  The Skin Inc. brightening serum has a really high price tag at $45 for this size but I am really excited to try it.  If I fall in love with it I might be able to trade for it on the My Subscription Addiction's forum.  All of the prices per box I list were found on MSA's website.  Liz Cadman, the founder created her own subscription box through Quarterly, and I reviewed it here in an earlier post.  Her site is definitely worth checking out, but be forewarned - you'll want a whole bunch of the boxes that she reviews!  

August 2014 - estimated product value $64.50

Of the three boxes, this was the least exciting at first glance, but I ended up loving the Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter and using it as a cream eye shadow base.   I was happy to receive an extra Eyeko liner and really loved the SpaRitual polish color and the scent of the Uberliss shampoo and conditioner so this was a total win for me.  The Eslor might cream is a new to me brand and I'm happy that it and the hair care items are of a good size so I can give them a fair shot.  I wish all of the samples they sent were so generous on size.  Glossybox always seems to send samples that are really good.  Even when they send foil packets they are often of a whole face mask application or a generous amount of a very expensive product (like the LeMetier serum that I'm afraid to try since I will surely fall in love with it since it costs $175 for less than 2 oz. of product).

September 2014 - estimated product value $67.50

I was happy to find a Benefit mascara in this box.  The small size is perfect for me because I can use it all before it dries out.  I am just about out of my first one, so this came at a great time.  I am generally not a fan of the Bvlgari scent - it has shown up many times in Glossyboxes in different forms, but this conditioner is a generous size and seems to be more delicately fragranced.  It will be great to include in a gift.  The full size OCC Lip Tar is something I am still on the fence about.   I have one that came in Sephora's "Give Me More Lip" collection last year and I find the application to be a bit odd.  I think the metallic quality of this color looks interesting, so I might give it another chance.  The alternate color was Black Dahlia and it looked beautiful on the back of my hand when I tried it in Sephora a few months ago.  I don't know if this will bronze color will suit me, so I'll have to think about opening it.  I am surprised to see that many of the people who are posting their Glossybox warehouse mystery boxes received this box.  I would've thought the brands in it would have been popular and remember almost being tempted by the spoilers on this one.
In all I received an estimated $235.40 worth of beauty products for $30.  Or, to look at it another way, I received $63 worth of subscription boxes for that amount.  I was pretty delighted to open three boxes in a row.  Andy sat and laughed at me saying I looked just like a kid on Christmas morning.  That much excitement counts for something too!  I'm really thankful I saw this when I did and that I had so much fun opening the boxes and testing out the products.  Even the three lowest valued products across the three boxes added up to more than $21 which is what I paid many times for a single monthly Glossybox so this deal was pretty amazing any way you slice it!

I had a different entry planned for today, but a related topic came up that got me thinking and I really want to frame my thoughts on it instead of diving in.  I'll be thinking about that and planning for a few days, but I think many of you will be interested in it, so stay tuned!

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