Friday, November 14, 2014

Amazing Thrift Store Finds

I'm sure I'm not the only one who now has Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" buzzing in my head when I walk into the Goodwill.  I may be the only one who thought I was humming it to myself only to hear the employee who was busy hanging up clothing on the rack next to me say "this is fucking awesome" under her breath at the same time I got to that point in the song.  She grinned and walked away.  It made me very happy and also conscious that I may be singing out loud when I think I'm singing in my head.  By "may be singing out loud" I mean "practically always singing out loud to the point where people think I'm in a musical".

Today was a very exciting trip.  I didn't find what I was hoping to (a coffee table and a completely ironic Christmas sweater) but I did find some amazing stuff.  There were also some very entertaining people.  Besides the employee there was a young man who I am almost positive tries his best to style his look after Jean Claude Van Damme in Time Cop.  There was also a guy carrying a tambourine, a stuffed monkey and a Ziploc bag of dice.  I'm not entirely sure they weren't his to begin with because they looked like part of an elaborate game he'd force you to play if you spoke to him.  He was my favorite shopper.

On to the awesomeness that came home with me for less than the $20 in my pocket.

For starters, do any of you remember this commercial?

It seemed to be on a constant loop when I was a kid.  I remember asking my mom and dad about the songs and hearing them both sing "Mairzy Doats" whenever it came on.  As I was flipping through the CDs I found a copy.  I wanted to order it whenever I saw the commercial but $24.95 was big bucks in 1987.  I even asked for it for Christmas a couple of years in a row, but Santa never brought me a copy.  There was an address label on the cover of one of the jewel cases.  I sincerely hope that Irene is well and just decided to give her marvelous CD collection to charity, because I noticed many cases with her address label on it.  I would've liked to have quite a few, but I was so overwhelmed by finding these that I quit while I was ahead.  Irene, I hope that you find comfort in the fact that I was incredibly, blissfully happy and thankful to find these.  Thank you wherever you may be.

Someday I am going to walk in there and there will be a copy of Freedom Rock.  I know this to be true.

I also found the two most recently published Beverly Lewis books for $2 each.  The River was a book I stood in line to have signed when she came to an author event in my hometown. I asked if I needed to purchase it before I got in line and was told it wasn't necessary.  After waiting thirty minutes and the line behind me growing considerably but not moving forward even though the signing had begun, I was told I needed to get out of line, pay for my copy and then get in line again.  When I said I was told paid copies would have a sticker, but it was fine to pay for it after the book was signed if I didn't want a sticker placed on the book, the gentleman in charge of the line said I was being difficult.  On top of all this my mother in law decided she wasn't interested in coming in with me so she was waiting outside in the very hot car in the middle of a sudden downpour, so she couldn't even roll down her windows.  I gave up, gave the book back to the gentleman, snapped a picture of Ms. Lewis signing someone else's book and left.  I wish I would've had the chance to meet her, but I had given all of my Beverly Lewis books to a friend anyway and no longer had any of my old copies left for her to sign (although I've read about 15 of her books and enjoyed them).  Finding these newly published books on the super cheap was a treat.

Beverly Lewis signing copies of The River at the Family Christian Store in September.
Who else would be so excited to find a Coca-cola Santa glass for 59 cents?  I drink out of Coke and Holly Hobby holiday glasses every day of the year.  There was one lone glass on the shelf in the "Michelle's perfect drinking glass" style so it came home with me.  The tumbler is textured and golden with an opalescent finish.  It will be a perfect place to park my makeup brushes and mascara tubes.  It also was only 59 cents.  Everything here is sitting on my $4 sweater which still had the original tags on it from Coldwater Creek.  It is super soft and has a big crazy cowl neck that I love.  It will be worn all over my house, and even out of it. (I wear your grandma's clothes.  I look incredible.  I don't know all the words, so I make up my own).

Finally, on the way out the door I saw a board game that I absolutely had to have.   One of my dad's favorite shows was called "Not Necessarily The News".  It was on HBO and my parents pretty much let me watch whatever was on television as a kid, so I would sit in front of the TV and laugh along with my dad at all the political jokes I didn't really understand.  I watched a couple of episodes of it recently on YouTube and some of them still go over my head because I don't recognize some of the Reagan era television and sports personalities.  The one part I always liked and my dad and sister Marilyn especially loved was a segment called "Sniglets".  Singlets were "Words that should be in the dictionary but aren't".  You could write in suggestions and my sisters and dad were always coming up with new words and definitions.  The one I remember best was "Icestickle", which Marilyn came up with.  It was the last ice cube stuck at the bottom of the glass that you had to retrieve with a straw or by tapping the glass against your mouth to release it.  Marcia gave me a copy of the Sniglets book a few months ago.  My dad had read it so many times the binding was coming unglued.  I know he would've loved this game.  I will take it to my sister's the next time we visit for game night.  My niece Marissa will love it and probably whip the pants off everyone since she is the most competitive person I know and loves to play games.  The most enjoyable memories I have with my family are the ones where we are all in the kitchen at my mom and dad's house or in my sister Monica's dining room playing board games as a family.  This might be the best 99 cents I ever spent!

The pen says to store it with the lid tightly closed in a horizontal position.  It still works so these folks must have been doing something right.  I kind of hoped it would have a few of the slips for the Sniglets filled out already, but it must be a pretty fun game because lots of the pads were used.  I love that this game was played and loved by a family.

A very successful trip was had by all.  My mother in law bought three framed pictures and several turtlenecks for winter.  She says I am a bad influence.  That is probably true, but it is great fun and I'm thankful such little things can bring me so much joy.

Have a great weekend folks!

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