Tuesday, August 21, 2012


      Even though I don't smoke, my husband does.  As much as I would love for him to quit it seems like whenever he goes through periods of stress he snaps right back into the comforting lull of the habit.  I feel fine about playing instant win games on tobacco web sites because if I ever won cigarettes or coupons they would just go straight to Andy, and if I got some cool freebie or prize then I would jump up and down and do my patented "I won I won" dance.  This dance is not rare.  It happens a lot.  It is rarely seen though by people who do not have the joy of living with me.  My friend Brooke Harrison knows just what it looks like.  She used to call it the happy dance.  It involves having both thumbs up and rolling them in slow circles towards yourself while making a face that might be described as a duck face in the current cool kid lingo - I did that dance today.

      From the Black and Mild website I am going to receive a Zippo Black Ice lighter.  Now you may say "Why the heck would a girl who doesn't smoke be so excited about a lighter?"  If you said that I'd tell you - "BECAUSE THEY"RE STUPID AWESOME!"  I'd say it just like that in shouty capitals so you'd get the point.  You can feel my excitement can't you?  When I was in high school and college I spent inordinate amounts of time with Zippo lighters belonging to my boyfriends.  I learned how to do tricks.  I could snap my fingers next to the flint and not light it.  That was my best trick - I was a master at it.  I was also very good at the trick I call "letting the metal case get gloriously hot and then shoving my thumb down on it, burning myself and crying".  I only did that trick every once in awhile because it was very difficult to master it, but master it I did and I had the blistered thumb pads to prove it.

      Soon I will be caressing the sleek black exterior of my very own Zippo.  Black and Mild can't be held responsible really.  They tried to convince me that my obsession with winning one wasn't going to come to anything good by awarding me a really cool looking pair of branded ear buds that were made from blonde wood, but I would not be so easily swayed.  (Although thanks for the ear buds too guys - I'm sure they will be cool.)  Other tobacco instant win games have also tried to keep their Zippo prizes out of my hands.  Copenhagen and Skoal (who admittedly are smokeless tobacco products and I find it a little weird they even offer lighters as prizes but hey, who am I to judge?) sent me barbeque sauce and a "hamburger" speaker for my iPod.  Marlboro is sending some awesome looking Wayfarer sunglasses that will most assuredly make me look like Detective David Addison on Moonlighting (that's Bruce Willis to you kids under 25).   I'm getting some freezable coasters from them too and someone is sending me a deck of playing cards.  Camel has even gifted me with virtual dice (which is the lamest instant win gift of all time) and a $25 Visa gift card which I used on a site where I wanted to see what it was about but didn't want to give out my credit card information so it kind of rocked.

      I am very excited that Black and Mild finally gave into my magic chant of "Zipp-o, Zipp-o, Zip-Zip-Zipp-o - Come onnnnn no whammies!"  If you would like to try the chant for yourself, by all means do.  I want you all to practice your non-skilled tricks and accidentally light your cutoff jeans on fire.  (Which I never did by the way - I was falsely accused.

      Go play games.  Be thankful for the awesome stuff that shows up randomly.  Don't be super disappointed when your chants ("Ranch! Ranch! I really like ketchup too!) don't always work, because sometimes you will walk away a winner.  My fingers are burning just thinking about it!!!

      Much love to all of you and good vibes and magic chants too.

Play the Summer of Enjoyment Instant Win Game here for a chance to win your own:
P.S. They have the most fabulously funky (Gotta Be A Love by Greyboy) song that plays in the background on the site.  It goes amazingly well with my Zippo chant.  Good luck.

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