Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting a little older every day

      I am going to be 37 very soon.  I don't feel old, but when I think about my perception of people's age when I was a child and how I see people now I start to wonder.  When I was 10 anyone over 21 was ancient.  Anyone over 40 was over the hill.  Now as I see my parents lose their minds to Alzheimer's dementia I wonder just how old I'm going to end up becoming.  I certainly don't feel that and I assume my parents didn't feel their age either.  Hell, my mom had me when she was 38 and that was back before every woman in Hollywood was having a baby at 45.  It was a big deal to wait to have a child in the 70's and an even bigger deal to have one with an 11 year gap between it and your next oldest child.  It's kind of a miracle I'm here at all I guess, but I still wonder how others see me.  I don't get carded when I buy alcohol anymore so I must've crossed a fine line at some point.

      My mother-in-law Lana dropped off some lovely plants and a glazed planter for my birthday today.  She also brought me a china bowl that she picked up at a flea market almost a year ago after I told her I liked it but it was too expensive.  She said it was intended for a Christmas gift last year but she just found it because she hid it and forgot it existed.  I guess that's the kind of stuff I have to look forward to.  She also used the phrased "well, when I drop dead" four times today when she brought my gifts over.  She is a loon, but I'm lucky to have her.

      My husband Andy stopped at Ten Thousand Villages on the way home from seeing The Expendables 2 in the theatre.  He bought me two gorgeous candle holders that he picked out all himself and a candy bar that was outrageously expensive but also incredibly delicious.  It has ground up espresso roasted coffee beans it it and it made me swoon.  You heard me.  Swoon!

      I hope all of you have reason to swoon today and are thankful for each day you get.  They aren't endless.  Much love to all of you.

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