Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sticking to it

      I said every day, and by golly I will post something every day!

     There wasn't a ton happening today aside from me being dreadfully tired but I did win three things.  My Favorite Pet Shop has a Facebook contest right now where they give away 100 items a night for three days to the first 100 responses at 8:30pm.  I won a glittery cat collar tonight which will fit the teeny neck of my chihuahua Obi Wan Kenobi.  I also won two Twitter Trivia contests today.  I got a box of Cafe' Escapes K-Cups for my Keurig for knowing that the swimming distance record was set in the Amazon river, not in the ocean (because I am a weirdo and I knew it but double checked myself on Google to be sure).  I also got a Riunite Wine bottle opener for knowing that the cork on their sweet wines said "Chill - Enjoy" because I had just seen a photo of one on their Facebook page.  I love little serendipitous occurrences.

      It was a slow freebie mail day but I received the Tom's of Maine deodorant sample, a box of free books and other fun stuff that I bought with the $25 Visa gift card I won a few months back from Camel, Shape magazine, Newsweek magazine and OK magazine all of which were 1 year subscriptions that I got for free from a variety of sites.  I collect points on Recyclebank, My Coke Rewards, Rewards Gold, and Free Biz Mags to get these and I have also won a couple of subscriptions for entering contests.  Purex sent me 2 years of Ladies Home Journal and I also won subscriptions to Self and Everyday Food from random contests on Facebook.

    There's more, but my bed is calling.  So much for going to sleep at 8:30 tonight since I was really sleepy.  Too bad I got sidetracked 30 times!  Much love to all of you, and may you all get a good night's sleep!

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