Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Target Clearance Steals!

I found some fabulous deals at Target today.  Going back into the store after not working there for over a year was strange.  I couldn't find the adult baby wedding gift wrap section which seems lost to additional party favors.  It was the best named aisle in the store so I was sad to see its demise.  There were a lot of things that were either recent Plano team resets or incredibly well zoned aisles.  I didn't see a ton of customers, but I did see lots of employees and they were all working on pulls so I guess that's a good thing.

 I went to buy a baby shower gift for my cousin and to check out the beauty clearance.  They had lots of 70% off things that haven't made it to the endcaps yet, and lots of what I picked up had previous markdown tickets on it but were actually lower than the marked ticket price.  I also got some great deals on Gilligan and O'Malley microfiber bikinis which rang up at regular price but had clearance tickets on them, so they were adjusted.  One two pack was $3.58, another 2 pack was $1.78 and a single pair rang up at $1.48.

Here are some the beauty section bargains:

The Clairol hair color was 30% off and was $7.68.  I think the inclusion of a free 3.9oz. bottle of shampoo with this makes it well worth it because I used this particular Age Defy color before in a different shade and loved the application.  It has a pre-treatment that makes your hair incredibly soft and shiny.  I would've bought another if they had one.

Two of the lipsticks are Maybelline Elixer lip products.  They had several shades on clearance but I haven't tried this formula yet so I just got two, Mandarin Rapture and Captivating Carnation.  They were only $2.08 each and that is a great "try me" price.

I have been waiting ages for them to get a Nyx section in our Target.  When I still worked there they taunted me by sending backer paper for it but no products.  It finally arrived without my notice at some point.  I wanted lots of things, but settled on a butter lipstick.  I would've bought several, but some loser twisted them into the caps and ruined all of the markdown ones but this.  I'm not sure I love the color, but for $1.78 BLS04 - a bright coral came home with me.

I've never tried the NYC Smooth Skin liquid makeup, but for $.98 I figured  it was worth a try.  It turned out to be a perfect match for my skin.  It has no fragrance and had enough coverage that it could work as a concealer for me.  I rarely wear foundation, but I will likely be trying this out to see how long it wears.

The best deal and my most exciting find was the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.  The ticket said it was 30% off and $16.10.  I didn't really want to pay that, but this product is my favorite thing I've received in a subscription box last year and I am practically out of my sample which I've used sparingly since I loved it so much.  I noticed the brand's BB Cushions were 70% off so I was hoping this had missetha few markdowns and it had!  It was only $6.90.  I would've bought a few if they had them, because if they are discontinuing this product I will be really sad.  It is wonderfully hydrating and works as you sleep.  When you rinse your face in the morning it reactivates and boosts the moisture all over again.  It has made my dry winter skin so much better.  If they have some on clearance at a Target near you I would recommend it for over any other moisturizing treatment.

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