Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dermstore Mane Changers Grab Bag Breakdown!

I hunted and hunted for the contents of this particular Dermstore mystery bag and couldn't find a spoiler so for all of you that want to see what's inside here's a peek!

The Mane Changers Grab Bag is $40 on the Dermstore site.  It promises $190 worth of hair care and says it comes with 10 items.  I received 11 items (although admittedly a cosmetic bag is not a hair care item) and figured it had an approximate retail value of $197.38 (or $152.36 if you considered two items were discounted on the Dermstore website).

Here's a closer look at the products... First, the trial sizes.

I love the color of the inside of the bag - it matches the Deva Curl packaging.  Next are the full size products...

Here is a cost per item breakdown:

Please note that I paid for these products with my own money.  The prices I list were found on the Dermstore website and if there was no exact match I used an  approximate value based on the price per ounce (for the Deva Curl, Leonor Greyl and Fekkai products).  If there is a slash through the price and a second price written in pink it is the current sale price.  I did not receive any compensation whatsoever for this post.  I am just posting it in the hopes that if you are on the fence about ordering this mystery grab bag you can see some spoilers before spending your cash!

 I have no idea if everyone will receive exactly the same items.  They may vary in brand or fragrance, but this should give you a good idea for figuring out if the $40 price point will be a good value for you.  I was thrilled with this box because it featured several products I've been dying to try, a few repeats that I was happy to see and new brands that are suitable for my hair type (super fine and color treated).  I had hoped for at least one Nick Chavez Beverly Hills product and was pleased as punch with two.  I have received them in sample subscription boxes before and I love the way they perform but was always reluctant to buy the full sizes in case they showed up in a Blush Mystery Beauty Box.  Now that the BMBB is the BeautyFIX by Dermstore box I'm unsure of what types of products they'ok send so I'm happy to have these.  This Klorane shampoo is my third bottle but I am almost finished with the first so I'm happy to have this one.  I love the fragrance and though I'd like to try a new variety this one works great for me so I have no complaints.

I also wanted to mention I bought a second kit at the same time that wasn't a mystery - it was called the Dermstore Volume Boosting Value set and was sold as a $57 value for 6 items.  The way I figured it the items came to about $54.66 and I was equally thrilled with this set.  Here is a quick pic of the contents...

Because my order was a qualifying amount (it was $59.99 but I don't know what the minimum qualifying amount was) I also received 2 magazine subscriptions - a two year subscription to Martha Stewart Living and a 1 year subscription to Time magazine.  I had subscribed to Time and had just cancelled it because it auto renewed at a really high rate and I was really excited that I had just gotten a $43 refund on the remaining issues and then got it for free.  It felt like I hit the jackpot and I will be glad to have both in my mailbox!  

If you picked up any of the other Dermstore grab bags please comment and let me know what you received.  I hope you love yours as much as I do!  I'm off to comb my hair with a $20 comb (this delights me as much as I find it silly that this item costs so much!) and if I tell you "sorry, I can't make it.  I have to wash my hair", you'll know I'm telling the truth and not just watching old Doris Day movies.

Have a lovely evening folks!

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