Saturday, January 26, 2013

tarte roundup

So I did Urban Decay a few days back and I thought I ought to do a tarte rundown as well because I have found lots of things to love about this brand.

The tarte LipSurgence natural lip luster, tint and matte lip tint products are currently my favorite of all the lip glosses and color I own.  That is saying something because I have an absolute obsession with lip products of all types.  I own stains, tints, glosses, balms, lipsticks, lacquers, and potions.  I keep some of them far too long (I'm looking at you L'Oreal James Bond collection Bond Bronze and Bond Bordeaux - I'm pretty sure Pierce Brosnan was Bond when you were originally purchased) and others I have barely even touched but felt I just had to have them.  Still the tarte collection of products have a great consistency, beautiful color and the bonus of a crisp minty flavor that I love.

I also am a huge fan of the tarte SmolderEYES eyeliners which I hope to add more of to my collection very soon.  They glide on and have a huge pop of color with a great line quality and a hint of sparkle.  They're easy to control and truly last all day - they're even nap proof.

I have swatched the tarte  LipSurgence and SmolderEYES below

From left to right:
Adored luster
Escape luster
Sweet luster
Enchanted tint
Elite tint
Exposed matte tint
Hope matte tint
QVC NBTT Blue (Navy?)

I also picked up a great new palette a few weeks back the "Rising Star Palette" - it was the last one they had in Sephora and I am happy I grabbed it because it has a lot of beautiful colors and was a good collection of neutrals and smokey eye colors.

Blush and powders left to right:

Amazonian Clay shimmer powder in Champagne

Amazonian Clay blush in Pouty

Amazonian Clay bronzer in Park Ave. Princess

Amazonian Clay blush in Ethereal

Shadows left to right

row 1: matte chai tea, shimmering citrine
           shimmering cocoa, burnished bronze

row 2: shimmering sienna, shimmering sage
           shimmering sunset gold, matte coffee liquor

row 3: shimmering platinum, matte light pink
           shimmering steel blue, shimmering smoke

The eye shadows aren't too glittery or super saturated and the powders have a great blendable texture.  The only real complaint I had about the set is that the small compartment that holds the double ended shadow brush and the blush brush isn't easily accessible and the blush brush is way too small and has really hard bristles.  I got rid of the blush brush and just used my own.  I find that several of the eye shadows go on better with a fingertip or a sponge applicator than the brush.  I haven't tried any of them wet yet but dry they have lots of possibilities.

I dyed my hair brown today and I'm liking the color change a lot.  I wish it pulled a little more red than it does but it was a really quick new foaming color from John Freida that went on fast and easy and seems to have a lot of shine and dimension.   I'm seriously considering getting a pixie cut.  I have been kind of obsessed with the idea since I started watching Once Upon a Time a few years back, and now that Anne Hathaway has jumped on the bandwagon it is going to happen soon.  I am wearing the blue smolderEYES liner, the blush in ethereal and the highlighter in champagne on my cheeks and brow bones.  I also have the matte chai tea shadow on the inner eye and outer corner and the shimmering steel blue lightly on the lid.  The lip color is the enchanted lip tint.  It looks a lot pinker here than it looks in person.

Two posts in one day?  It's a record for sure!  Hope you all have a day filled with excitement.


  1. Love that color! Makes your eyes look so pretty!

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