Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy to have a "boring" day

Many people would probably think my life was a little boring.  I don't feel that way.  I'm happy to have a husband that loves me, and a life that is filled with simple pleasures.  My husband Andy posted this blurb on his Facebook tonight...

I got a great surprise today. I got the DVD "Buckle up Birds, An underdog story" about the 2012 Orioles incredible season in the mail today ( forgot that I had ordered it ) , ALONG WITH a complimentary ticket to a future 2013 Orioles game AND my headache finally has subsided after 4 days and spent the day with Michelle Joy Kilbert Reynolds just relaxing, what a great day!

It made me realize several things.

First - I share my life with a man who takes great pleasure in the little things and doesn't take them for granted.

Second - I should be inspired to be more like him and instead of worrying needlessly about silly things just relax and take each day and each joy in it as it comes.

Third - Even though the only thing we did today was eat pancakes (which I made for him for a change because he usually cooks our weekend breakfasts) and watch movies and tv shows I was completely content to just be in his presence and share my life with him and my two fur babies Obi-Wan and Cinna.  This is something I always dreamed for myself - to be assured of the love and devotion of a man and to be able to share even the smallest and least fascinating details of my life with him.  I need to hold that close to my heart.

Finally - It was a great day.  Really great and I was thankful to have it.  It is so nice to be finally settling in.  There are tons of things that I could have, would have and should have.... We don't have children, we don't have tons of money or fancy things.  We do have two great dogs, a house to call our own, jobs that pay our bills and most importantly each other.  That is something special and something to be terribly grateful for.

I wish everyone much love and joy - and hope that you find someone who makes you as happy as Andy makes me.

Oh - one more thing - his post also made me realize baseball season is starting soon and I'm going to lose him to the TV five nights a week while he watches the ballgames. ;-)  There's one great thing I can say for MASN - I always know where Andy will be if the Orioles are playing.  I hope we get to a few games this year - I know that the O's are going to be awesome after tasting the play offs.  Even though I find the daily games a little monotonous he is never as happy as he is during baseball season.  Those little things that make him happy make me happy too.

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