Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Monday

      I am so very sleepy today.  I had big plans over the weekend where I was going to make vast achievements in housekeeping, baking and catching up on Mad Men.  That didn't go so well.  I did the dishes, turned the oven on just long enough to toast some garlic bread and watched exactly two minutes of Mad Men before Andy decided that we wouldn't remember what the heck was going on in the world of True Blood unless we rewatched the final episode of last season.  I was then horribly distracted by Neil Patrick Harris and the opening of the Tony Awards before TB began.  By the time it was over I needed to head to bed because I had to be at work at three a.m. to do one of my least favorite projects - the water wall.  Blech.

      This weekend did hold some nice moments.  We saw Snow White and the Huntsman at the Leitersberg Cinema.  I love that theatre.  It has all been remodeled and we always go to movies in the V.I.P. theatres that have huge leather recliners.  The only complaint I have about them is that it always feels refrigerated in there to me.  When you go to their "dinner and a movie" nights they pass out blankets and they give you coffee too.  I think that should come with every feature.  Next time I might have to take my Snuggie and put up with the strange looks people give me.  The lights are pretty low in there and you do get swallowed up by the recliners so I might only get those looks from a few folks.  It will be worth it to feel my toes when we leave.  I also got to spend a nice afternoon with my friend Grahm and his son Ezra.  Toddlers are awesome because they always are in the moment and you always know how they feel.  They don't have to edit their emotions and we don't expect it of them.  I wish that freedom was a little more acceptable in grown ups.

      I decided that I was going to go and get the mail today and then come right back and let you know what awesome things I got.  It is almost 4:30 so it ought to be here by now...  (and because I'm so excited it will probably be bills)       Stay tuned....  There will now be a brief intermission....


      And I got NOTHING!!  Ugh!  I wish our mailman had a reliable schedule.  He gets here between noon and 5:30 which is not cool.  Oh well.  Andy is outside mowing the lawn, perhaps the mailman is afraid he will be run over.  He doubles back to our house a lot because he never brings packages with him the first time.  That is the best - when the mail comes and there are fun things like magazines and makeup samples and I go out later to water the plants and find a box he forgot to bring.  Maybe he is saving the whole shebang for the double back?  It could happen!

      I did get some cool stuff this weekend.  My Grill Mates package arrived and

    HOLD THE PRESSES!  -  Andy just scared the crap out of me by knocking on the window to the office to tell me the mailman came and wait until you see this!  I am taking a picture right now!

      Holy cow!  That is over a foot of packages!  Andy said the mailman laughed and said we hit the jackpot and that I must be scouring the internet to make him work harder.  Ha ha!

     Okay, so what is it all?  Here's a rundown from top to bottom:

#1 Manilla envelope on top - my free necklace (just paid shipping) from the Autism Site.  I am going to do a whole post on this site which is a part of the Greater Good Network and how I click there every day

#2 Flexitol heel balm sample attached to a post card

#3 3 pieces of junk mail

#4 3 bills (which I could've totally done without, Mr. Postman)

#5 Coupon for a free 20oz. Coca Cola from the Subway Battleship Instant win game

#6 Booklet of coupons for Sears including 25% off any Kenmore Appliance

#7 3 pieces of mail addressed to Andy.  (The nerve of some husbands!  Geesh!)

#8 Larger brown box - Smirnoff Highball Glass (1000 won each week - week 2)

#9 Smaller brown box - Smirnoff Whipped Cream/ Fluffed Marshmallow shot glasses (week 3)

#10 White box - Julep June Mystery Box - This is something I purchased, they have 500 up for grabs, you are guaranteed a special limited edition mystery color of nail polish and you have a chance at a golden box - 50 of the boxes had the full summer color line worth $200.  Mine is not heavy enough to be a special box but it is still going to be sweet.

#11 Hot pink box -  My Birchbox!  Love!  Also a purchase but always filled with awesomeness

#12 Manilla envelope on bottom - my Doggyloot mystery pack.  I was hoping for something else, but I still am hoping this is neat.  They send toys that are guaranteed to be Cinna proof and super tough.  I am taking a chance on this company because they always have some good deals and Andy and I are at our wits' end with the rate my puppy can chew things up.   It was sort of pricey ($24) but guaranteed to be toys she couldn't kill.  A random selection of 4.  If she tears these up I'm afraid there's no hope in Mudville, but at least they are guaranteed.

      I am now off to open all this crazy stuff.  Tomorrow I will post some more pics and we'll see what happens in the dreaded jaws of Cinnabar....

      Until next time, lots of love and good sparkly things to you.

P.S. Yay!

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