Friday, June 1, 2012

Hi! Welcome!


      My name is Michelle and I am thrilled to call this my very first blog entry.  I'm new to this blogging thing, and I know it takes a little time, but I am excited to get my voice out there in a different way.

      There are so many delightful little moments that take place in our lives that get glossed over and taken for granted that I thought maybe I might just share my "little wonders" with you.  What are little wonders?  They are happy little things that take place in our everyday lives.  Maybe someone compliments you, or you can finally button up those jeans you've been trying to get into again.  Maybe you tried something awesome and are happy that you had the experience.  It might just be that in gazing down at your lawn and regretting the fact that the grass is high or there are 500 things you ought to accomplish before you have time to tackle it, you spot a something.

      A tiny yellow flower.

      Some might call it a weed.  The second before you return to the busy clip of your life you really look at it.  What you see is amazing.  A tiny glowing button of color that has popped up despite of all the things working against it.

      I love dandelions for many reasons.  They are pretty little monsters that seem to be everywhere you don't want them to be and at the same time they are tiny glorious interruptions of color in the middle of the sameness that we see everyday.

       This blog is going to be about appreciating the unexpected joys of  the daily grind.  I get tremendously excited over little things.  If someone says "hey you have beautiful eyes" I will glow for days.  If I win a contest or even score something free, I am bouncing with joy.  If I happen to try a new lipstick or a new recipe I can't stop talking about it for days.  If I ever won the lottery or "a major award" (like in A Christmas Story) I just might pass out.

       I think there are 1000 reasons to celebrate right here and now.  That's one of the reasons I love Christmas so much.  For a few weeks there is an undeniable excitement in the air.  People seem kinder.  The world looks rosier.  There is so much good will going around that I don't know who to smile at first.  That's why I want a little Christmas every day.  A little excitement.  A little appreciation for the tiny hearty dandelions that are just begging you to make them into a crown and wear it with pride and delight.  I hope that you can find the same happiness in the tiny wonders that present themselves to you.  If you find one, please share it with me because the only thing I like better than the feeling I get when I stop and appreciate the world is knowing others can share in that same simple happiness.

      Much Love.

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